QSS Consulting

Are you a newbie blogger, or interested in starting a blog but need some insight on how to get going? Are you a brand looking to reach a larger customer base by growing your social media presence? Sahra is here to help!

Consultations are also available via skype/Facetime. Testimonials below.

Info on Styling

Info on Past Event Plannings

For more info, please fill out the comment form below or email me directly at sahra.schukraft@gmail.com


By Alisse Desrosiers, Editor of FemInspire.com: “Sahra is a motivated, ambitious woman with a passion for both fashion and writing. She works very hard to produce the best content possible, in a timely fashion, and is able to stick to her deadlines. She has a way of connecting with her audience on a personal level, giving her work a more down-to-earth feel that is very easy to relate with. I absolutely recommend Sahra for her future endeavors; anyone who has a chance to work with her is lucky!”

By Brian Christensen, Photographer: “Sahra and I have been collaborating (her style and fashion, my photography) for several months now. She is both an incredibly intelligent person and also a joy to work with professionally. For every single photo shoot with Sahra, I’ve been able to simply show up with my gear and begin immediately. Sahra always prepares several outfits for us to work with and models them exceptionally. Her taste is a mix of modern city, classic, and a little punk when the mood strikes. I highly recommend Sahra for her devotion to fashion, writing, community development, humor, and drive.”

By Sonia Santos, “Passion” cothing designer of Boston, MA:” I love Sahra’s sense of style, and creativity. She can turn a simple T-shirt into something fabulous, or make an outfit from bold to soft. I recommend her company and services to anyone who is looking for something fresh and creative.”


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