Zapoteca in Portland, Maine

Zapoteca Mexican restaurant in Portland, ME

Ah, good old Portland, Maine. Smaller than it’s trans-country doppelnamer, but still the same 90s infused sensibility, this place is a unique American city. With a summer trip to the area every year, Z and I have started exploring what this city has to offer. The best part? Portland, Maine is home to the most restaurants per capita (in a yearly competition with San Fran); aka A Foodie’s Dream Come True. This most recent trip took us to Zapoteca, in search of what we heard was the best Mexican cuisine within the Portland area.

We started with the guacamole because I love avocado in all it’s forms. Zapoteca serves theirs well shaped and on a plate with chips, which was unique, not to mention delicious.  We also [took home and] tried a trio of salsa sampler. We tried the salsa de arnacado (fire roasted cashew), salsa pepita (toasted pumpkin seeds), and salsa naranja (with orange, chilis, and asian spices). They were all amazing but that cashew salsa OMG. I put that ish on everything for the following days, from scrambled eggs (weirdly delicious) to my grilled cheese (amaze).

Zapoteca Mexican restaurant in Portland, ME

For the main course Z had chicken enchilladas while I dove in for a chili relleno. Z’s was delicious, smothered in sauces with a side of perfectly salted pureed beans. Mine was posibly the largest chili I’d ever seen or eaten. Smothered in a mole sauce and stuffed with delicious spices and cheese I definitely had made the right choice.

Zapoteca Mexican restaurant in Portland, ME

Zapoteca Mexican restaurant in Portland, ME

As for drinks, we highly recommend La Rumba (a rum based twist on a mexican mojito with cilantro and coconut) and the Mezcal Rita, especially if you’re a fan of the smokey savory flavors that are characteristic of Mexico’s best export.

Omg I’m finishing up this post and starting to salivate….Being self-proclaimed Mexican food snobs we were not let down in the state farthest from the border.

What’s YOUR favorite local Mexican restaurant?

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It’s The Devil That’s Trying to Hold Me Down

I sold my soul to a three-piece
And he told me I was holy
He’s got me down on both knees

Devil's Trying to Hold Me Down

Guys. Imagine my excitement when I found a jumpsuit that fit…It’s been a point of contingence with me and shopping for a solid two years now, but I’ve finally done it. And the best part? It’s dressy enough to be able to wear with a blazer to work. WHAT? You mean we can wear jumpsuits to work?  Yes. And it’s so fab.

A jumpsuit look that works for the office

Banana Republic Jumpsuit (similar here)

Kate Spade Bag (get yours here!)

necklace by Dandelion Louisville

Nine West “Marina” Shoes (perfect for work- get em here)

H&M Blazer

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Experience: Paint Nite

Paint Nite DC
While young you probably hated art class—actually, who am I kidding; if you’re reading my blog you’re creatively inclined and probably lived for art classes. I certainly did! Now that we’re adults we spend our time formerly blocked off for after school crafts at happy hours and networking mixers. Merging the youth with our adult preferences, wine and paint (though seemingly a recipe for sartorial disaster) is the hottest trend for social soirees right now. Celebs like “Bachelorette” Andi Dorfman have hopped on the train by bringing friends for some drunk art.

Paint Nite offered me and 3 friends the chance to get in on the fun here in DC. I chose my begrudging BF (of course) and my friends Natasha and Dan to join me in the nostalgia of acrylic paints and smooth canvas. We went to Nellie’s of U St. to paint “A Walk In The Park”. Being rebels (and already having a glass of wine in us) we decided to get creative and go off prompt.
Z and Dan began by following the prompt while Natasha and I went dark and moody. Adding purple and navy tones to our blue skies. As the drinks started flowing we became more confident in our painting. Our instructor walked by with assistance but was very supportive of us doing our own creative thing as well.

Paint Nite DC
By the end of the two hours we had 4 unique paintings. My favorite is Dan’s, because he followed the prompt and has some serious hidden talents. I also love Natasha’s unique and political take on it. Zander’s was dark but still much like the prompt. While mine…well, let’s just say I’m way better at drinking wine than painting. But you, you may be better. If you want to try your hand at Paint Nite, use code “TWITTER” for 35% off your first session !
Paint Nite DC
Paint Nite DC
Fun Fact:(also, my excuse for not having posted sooner and for not blogging much this week): After putting our paintings in our car and heading down the block for a Restaurant Week dinner, our car was stolen. We were gone barely an hour and a half and someone took our dinosaur of a jeep. Thankfully, as of 8/21 it has been found and returned to us, complete with our paintings, YAY! Now we can finally find a space to hang our memories of a night well spent.

Baby You’re Like Lightning In A Bottle

I can’t let you go now that I got it
And all I need is to be struck by your electric love
Baby, your electric loveLightning in a Bottle

I’ve done it. I’ve hopped on the off-the-shoulder trend. Coupled with the pom pom trend this look is a summer favorite. I feel like I belong South of the Border in a ray of never ending sunshine and pool side sheens. Alas, I’m back from my month of beachy vacations and back into the real world. Thank God for weekend adventures though, amiright!?

lightning in a bottle

Lightning in a Bottle

Lightning in a Bottle

white off the shoulder dress (get it here!)

Forever21 Tribal Pom Necklace (get it here!)

BCBGeneration sandals (old) (similar here)

non-descript sunglasses (similar here)

Lightning in a Bottle

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Time’s Been Ticking, Hearts are Running

lately color seems so bright
and the stars light up the night
my feet they feel so light

This summer has been much like last, as I fall into a routine of life. While this summer has been free of the stress of buying, renovating, and moving into a house, it has been full of vacations, sunny beach days, and beautiful brunches. Another tradition I’m growing fond of is visiting the Fashion Camp at Capitol Hill Arts Workshop . Similar to last year, I chatted about the fashion industry and blogosphere to impressionable young budding bloggers. This year’s group have their own blog, Lucy The Mannequin, where they are chronicling the curation and design of their own 6 piece collections, daily field trips, and daily outfit musings. After discussing my personal history with fashion and my blog we “market meandered” to Capitol Hill’s famed Eastern Market for lemonade and a lesson in posing.

 The girls coincidentally wore pink florals to the tastes of their own style and adhering to current trends. I loved J’s high-waisted applique shorts and E’s printed kimono top. They amped up the looks with the details; J playing in to her hipster gypsy with layered rings and bracelets and E going a little southern with cropped cowboy boots.

As for me I embraced a “glam professional” persona; silky lightweight culottes with a crisp button down and costumed pearls.

I was so inspired by these girls and so honored to be able to chat with them about my experiences! To see more of E and J’s looks, be sure to check out their blog Lucy the Mannequin.

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Feeding the Wildlife of Maine Wildlife Park

 It’s no secret that I LOVE animals. Mostly cats, dogs, wildcats….land mammals and sea creatures. I’m a believer that wild animals shan’t be tamed and all should be treated with caution. Similar to my experience in South Africa, Z and I wanted to experience the wildlife of Maine. We teamed up with the Maine Wildlife Park to help the animals during feeding time. A semi-scary event when dealing with wild animals, but most of their habitants are rescued and rehabilitated and unfortunately unable to return to the wild. These animals are used to humans, but are still animals so we were cautious during our once-in-a-lifetime experience.  Red the Bear Red This is Red, and he may have been my favorite. A Maine black bear, drooling over fresh food. We fed him apples and muffins (his favorite), his tongue lapping like a dog for the crumbs. ADORABLE. And his BFF Suzanna was a lover as well. I’d never been in such close proximity to a bear and I must say I got over my initial fears quickly. Like all animals, they aren’t defensive unless you start something with them (ie: getting close to a mama and her babies). Fun Fact: Most Bear attacks are by females, because of that exact reason.

Fun Fact: Cougars are cross-eyed

Fun Fact: Cougars are cross-eyed. And purr and meow adorably. Giant house cats! Also in cute large cats; Bobcats are the timid house cat of the wild. While Marianna the cougar would meet us at her fence to purr, when we entered the bobcat enclosure the cats ran from us to stare, timidly shaking their muted tails.

Bobby Bobcat

SEE!? SO HAPPY to hang out with animals!

What I Wore: 

Free People Cargo Pants (similar here)
Vans Sneakers (here!)
H&M Basic Tee
Zara Chambray shirt (similar)

Moose Antlers

Going to the Maine Wildlife Park we learned so much about animals from our own country, animals that could potentially end up in our own backyards. While there were plenty of children and child-geared exhibits at the park, doing the full photo tour was worth it for us adults. Getting the hands on experience was something we will cherish forever. Headed to Maine anytime soon? Be sure to book your photo pass and get your once-in-a-lifetime experience with the Maine Wildlife Park in Gray!


Cat accessoriesThere’s been a project I’ve been working on for a few months, that you may know about if you follow me on social media but I haven’t written about on here…until now.

DC has opened it’s doors of it’s first ever CAT CAFE. WHAT? I DON’T NEED TO TRAVEL TO JAPAN TO SNUGGLE MULTIPLE CATS AT ONCE!?? Tis True, my fellow feline frenzied friends [holy alliteration I’m just going to pat myself on the back for that one]. These photos were taken last month at a pre-opening party for Crumbs & Whiskers but are forever relevant because of CATS.



The Deetz: you don’t need to bring your own cat; Crumbs & Whiskers is armed with 20 totally adoptable cats via the Washington Humane Society. They also have coffee and cat shaped cookies and smoothies and other treats your pattering purring heart may desire. You need a reservation to go, but once you’re in you can stay by the hour to play with all the kittehs. They celebrated their one month anniversary earlier this week in true cat fashion…with baby kittens! In one month they’ve celebrated 11 adoptions, of which I am personally sad and happy; my little kitty babies have found homes outside of my helping arms.

wearing: Tokyo Darling jeans (similar)
Crop top c/o The Girl That Loves (here)
sunglasses via disClothesure (here)
thrifted wedges
IOU bag from ASOS
earrings via Lou Lou boutiques (similar)(similar)


Want to help? Visit Crumbs & Whiskers either to play or pick a furbaby to adopt!

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