Still You Know I’m a Fool For You

Now I see shades of roses
Your love, I suppose, is an ocean the ebb and the flow
An undertow
But I can feel the rogue inside my veins
A way to crash the castle we made of sand

I was once a punky-teen; headed to Vans’ Warped Tour annually decked out in my favorite printed shoes (of that summer). I had solid pairs but my favorites I remember were pastel star print and pink flamingo on black canvas print, all before those things came into the sartorial spotlight. And while I haven’t been to a Warped Tour in years it will forever be a piece of nostalgia that I cling to.

These days I’m less likely to be caught in flat sneakers wandering vacant lots turned music venues, but when the boyfriend pointed out these leopard Vans I knew it was meant to be. I needed a new casual shoe for weekend errands and these have made their way into my regular footwear rotation. And of course, they go with everything!

top c/o Olive and Oak

Levi’s Curve ID jeans c/o

Vans shoes (get them here!)

“Nikki” Clutch c/o Linell Ellis

YSL Lipstick in “Le Orange”

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Monthly Musings Vol. 3

living rooms vogue

image via Vogue

It’s July already!? I swear it feels like summer just started and I had just finished posting my June musings. I seriously can’t believe summer is half over (and that I haven’t been by a pool or a beach yet!)! Send help in the form of self tanner and pool floats, plz.

On to the best things I’ve read so far this month:

  1. These living room styles through the ages are dreamy! I love that my own home has a mix of so many styles and inspirations.
  2. I recently stumbled upon the series of Motherhood around the world on Cup of Jo. As a woman who loves traveling and learning about cultures it’s been an exciting read! One of the things that struck out to me the most, though, is that a mother in Kenya they could only find blonde haired, blue eyed baby dolls. Upsetting much?
  3. I’ve just started getting into the Listen Money Matters podcast and their episode about SoFi was so intriguing; who knew you could save an average of $19,000 while repaying your student loans!?
  4. I, like every social media obsessed girl, love SnapChat. and I’m totally already fantasizing all the GeoFilters I could create for events and my neighborhood using this super easy tutorial! Watch out World, QSS is going into SnapFilters!
  5. If you’re thinking about switching jobs read this first! I wish I had before entering the real work force.
  6. YOU GUYS. NYC just announced for FREE feminine products in public spaces. If you follow me on Twitter, or know me in real life, you know that this makes me so happy I could (and maybe did) cry. This is such an important thing and I can’t wait to see which cities follow suit.
  7. I haven’t traveled at all in June, so I’m left with a little wanderlust on the mind. I’m thinking a tropical birthday getaway this winter a la this rocky coast.

Wishlisting:  After watching The Intern I’ve decided I really need some high waisted wide leg trousers for my workweek wardrobe. Here’s a lust-worthy pair and here’s an affordable pair; which do you love best!? I’ve got espadrille fever and I’m loving the ones from Soludos; there’s so many great pairs it’s hard to pick! And they’re all under $100!


What’s been your favorite finds this month!?

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I Came Here So You’d Come For Me

Soft neutrals perfectly compliment a bold green shade; throw in some snakeskin boots and I’m ready to party! Or head to work…
Here’s a look at a casual work day look I wore recently. I was inspired by the color combinations from the Spring/Summer 16 runway shows and knew I had to make the trend wearable and my own.

top from Anthropologie (old)
vest from Romwe (last seen here)
skirt from Romwe (get it here)
Aldo booties (similar here)

What’s your favorite color combination for spring? What’s inspiring you this season?

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Experience: Linden Row Inn

There’s something charming about colonial era townhomes in an old-as-the-nation but bustling and modern city. Richmond’s Linden Row Inn has managed to capture the historic feel of the 1600’s with the updates and modern luxurious touches of the 21st century. All that and it’s equidistant to the downtown area as well as the bustling and hip Careytown. Walking up to the brick buildings you can’t help but think you’re in a time warp; that is until you step into the bright lobby with it’s clean white check in desk and friendly staff.
Up to our room we went, past modern local art and the lovely dining room, to our fourth floor temporary abode overlooking the garden courtyard where a wedding was to take place the next night.

Our room was beautiful; full of classic furnishings, ultra soft bedding, and a super luxe bathroom. If you know me, that’s the kicker with anywhere I stay! With each room boasting an original fireplace and exceptionally tall ceilings, with windows to match, the space was as cozy as a dream. Perfect for mid-day naps, as well as late night sleeps after the long days.

After a day of eating, shopping, and exploring our way through Richmond there was nothing better than going back to our room to kick off our shoes and relax! And total perk that the old brick is a great noise buffer to the sounds of a wedding happening just beyond our walls!

Have you been to Richmond? What do yo think of my stay? Be sure to see more of my travels here and check out the Linden Row Inn on InstaGram and Twitter (I hear they’re offering great summer travel deals exclusive to their followers!).

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Eva Mendes x NY & Company

Growing up in suburban Massachusetts I’d pass by NY& Company in the mall; the corporate styles were colorful and fun, youthful yet mature. I bought my first job interview outfit there.

As I grew older, moved away to the land of fashion, I stopped shopping at NY& Company. I wasn’t aware of the changes they’d been making in their branding or the amazing celebrity partnerships they had going on until my friend Tanvi invited me to check out the Summer collection in collaboration with Eva Mendes. We walked into the shop and were in total awe of the difference of the store to that of the one of our memories. In place of corporate styles there was trendy pieces perfect for a summer of fun, whether on a staycation or out exploring a new destination. They had pieces that worked for the office, but also worked for an afternoon picnic, catering to the modern on-the-go gal. Me and a small group of blogger pals were all styled by the company’s creative director, Yelena, a woman with true style and a wealth of knowledge of looking “cool”. With the ubiquitous off the shoulder tops and dresses and kick flare jeans I was convinced that NY& Company was now a place I needed to check out regularly more often!

 photos by Matt Ha

Shop the entire Eva Mendes for NY& Company collection here and let me know what you think of it!

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Experience: Richmond’s Acacia MidTown

As foodies our first order of business when traveling is always to figure out where to eat. With Richmond everyone suggested Acacia Mid Town and boy was that a step in the right direction!

Upon arrival we were whisked into the alluring atmosphere of soft lights and organic inspired elements. With recommendations off the cocktail list we sat back to enjoy the ambiance while pondering our food choices. We started with a ricotta ball in a watermelon gazpacho. Z chose an entree of sauteed scallops and gnocchi, which he could not stop raving about. When looking for an entree I didn’t find much for my vegetarian preferences. Lucky for me, Acacia Mid Town is very understanding of vegetarians and almost anything on the menu can be done in a creative and veg-friendly way. I opted for the basil risotto (on the menu with veal scallopini) and the chef put together some elegant vegetables for on top of it. Now, I’ve tried a lot of “veggie plates” across the south and am usually fairly unimpressed, but the way the chefs at Acacia Mid Town carefully curated  the flavors to create my meal was mind blowing.

After finishing the meal we sat around, enjoying the cool spring night in a fabulous restaurant in a new city. One of those nights where you’re so content and satiated that you could sit there pleased, for hours. Yeah, one of those nights.
Have you visited Richmond? Whats your favorite restaurant in this capitol city? Thanks to VisitRichmond for sending us to Acacia Mid Town!

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Dinner at CityCenterDC

There’s a small area of DC, just northwest of Chinatown, that’s been slowly but surely turning into the epitome of style and luxury. With everything from Kate Spade and Vince to Gucci and Dior, there’s something for everyone. Style aside, CityCenterDC is also home to some great eateries, including Momofuku.

Vince linen shirt (get it here)
belted vest from Romwe (get it here)
ASOS jeans
vintage Gucci belt
Lifestride flats (old) (similar here)

For our dinner we started with the pepper and egg app, as well as an order of biscuit bites. For the main I went with the rice cakes entree and boy was it amazing! Z went for his tried and true, the Spicy Handcut noodles that he’s had a few times before. It’s a fun taste of David Chang’s NYC restaurants I loved in my early 20s and I couldn’t be more excited to have a Momofuku in my new home too.
If you haven’t been yet, you should definitely check it out!

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Experience: Richmond’s Maple & Pine

After a late check-in to our hotel we made our first stop in Richmond to Maple & Pine for Saturday brunch. We got there as the flowers were arriving for an afternoon wedding and walked in to the aromatics of beautiful bouquets and fried potatoes (could anything be more perfect on a Saturday morning!?).

After ordering our food and beverages we sat back and took in the space. I would die to own the winding benches that create the fluid seating. The marble with subtle pink accents gives the space an open and airy feel, while funky artwork (like the cat playing with the octopus) keeps it playful.

The restaurant, located within the Quirk Hotel, is also home to a beautiful gallery and curio shop carrying items that evoke that clean, feminine, and artsy vibes. Part of the whole experience includes a coffee bar at the front of the space with bistro tables interspersed with vintage looking tufted couches and chairs.
If you’re heading to Richmond definitely suggest this one-stop-spot as your starting point for a weekend of exploration!

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Monthly Musings Vol. 2


Welcome to your second installment of my favorite things on the internet! what’d you think of the first one? LOVE it? hate it? Let me know!

On to the next one, though. Here’s what I’ve been reading and loving and sharing for the month of May. Also, how in the hell is it already June?!?????

  1. I’m a ways off from being a parent myself but these ladies are total #MomGoals
  2. Working in a liberal, casual office I feel like this WhoWhatWear style guide was made just for me!
  3. It’s like the real life Olivia Pope Y’all! except that he’s a man, but still! #Scandalous
  4. How To Be Happy: some good lessons for a brighter and fuller life
  5. After mercury’s retrograde had my work life in upheavel this was JUST the read I needed to get me back into a focused and good employee state of mind.
  6. Reason # 5889 that I need to get my butt back to NYC and get a job at Conde Nast: these employee perks. Unlimited Wardrobe yes please!
  7. Holy Wanderlust! This secluded beachy resort (the one in the image above) is making my heart sing the songs of wanderlust, big time. Time to pack my bags and head back to Africa I guess!


wishlisting: These reversible leggings are beaut! And perfect for yoga (the side with the palm print is speaking to my inner sun beam). And speaking of summer, espadrilles are a must, but cheeky espadrilles are a HELL YES.

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3 Ways to Wear the Culotte Jumpsuit

Last year it was all about culottes, and jumpsuits, seperately. This year, the trend merges into a beautiful trendy piece. I previously wore my Madewell denim culotte jumpsuit by itself, but today I wanted to share with you my new culotte jumpsuit (yes, I’m obsessed) by Ami Clubwear.

  1. Tee’d Up

The 90s grunge style is back, this we know. Why not play up the grunge with a simple white tee, and add it to the funky trend of a statement jumpsuit. Even if you pair it with a solid, this look is sure to leave you #crushingit

2. Cozy Chic

By pairing your jumpsuit with a cozy knit you also amp up the casual factor, and tame down the whole “jumpsuit” part of it, leaving you with a cool and casual cool-otte (lame pun) look!

3. Blazin’ Work Chic

Contrary to the former ways to wear it, this one brings your culotte jumpsuit to the other side of the sartorial spectrum. By adding a blazer and the right heels you can make this look totally workday appropriate! And then when Happy Hour rolls around all you need to do is drop the jacket and you’re ready to party!

What do you think of these alternate ways to style the all-in-one piece?

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