Monthly Musings Vol. 2


Welcome to your second installment of my favorite things on the internet! what’d you think of the first one? LOVE it? hate it? Let me know!

On to the next one, though. Here’s what I’ve been reading and loving and sharing for the month of May. Also, how in the hell is it already June?!?????

  1. I’m a ways off from being a parent myself but these ladies are total #MomGoals
  2. Working in a liberal, casual office I feel like this WhoWhatWear style guide was made just for me!
  3. It’s like the real life Olivia Pope Y’all! except that he’s a man, but still! #Scandalous
  4. How To Be Happy: some good lessons for a brighter and fuller life
  5. After mercury’s retrograde had my work life in upheavel this was JUST the read I needed to get me back into a focused and good employee state of mind.
  6. Reason # 5889 that I need to get my butt back to NYC and get a job at Conde Nast: these employee perks. Unlimited Wardrobe yes please!
  7. Holy Wanderlust! This secluded beachy resort (the one in the image above) is making my heart sing the songs of wanderlust, big time. Time to pack my bags and head back to Africa I guess!


wishlisting: These reversible leggings are beaut! And perfect for yoga (the side with the palm print is speaking to my inner sun beam). And speaking of summer, espadrilles are a must, but cheeky espadrilles are a HELL YES.

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3 Ways to Wear the Culotte Jumpsuit

Last year it was all about culottes, and jumpsuits, seperately. This year, the trend merges into a beautiful trendy piece. I previously wore my Madewell denim culotte jumpsuit by itself, but today I wanted to share with you my new culotte jumpsuit (yes, I’m obsessed) by Ami Clubwear.

  1. Tee’d Up

The 90s grunge style is back, this we know. Why not play up the grunge with a simple white tee, and add it to the funky trend of a statement jumpsuit. Even if you pair it with a solid, this look is sure to leave you #crushingit

2. Cozy Chic

By pairing your jumpsuit with a cozy knit you also amp up the casual factor, and tame down the whole “jumpsuit” part of it, leaving you with a cool and casual cool-otte (lame pun) look!

3. Blazin’ Work Chic

Contrary to the former ways to wear it, this one brings your culotte jumpsuit to the other side of the sartorial spectrum. By adding a blazer and the right heels you can make this look totally workday appropriate! And then when Happy Hour rolls around all you need to do is drop the jacket and you’re ready to party!

What do you think of these alternate ways to style the all-in-one piece?

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New Ways to Wear The Off The Shoulder Top

As a woman who claims to know fashion I’m always trying to find new creative ways to express my own personal style. This season’s overzealous trend of “off the shoulder” err’thang has me craving a new way to wear it. And then it hit me; layering.

By taking my basic white off the shoulder top and putting a neoprene skater dress on top I’ve made it a little more versatile. I then added the denim jacket to define my waist and give it a little of that 90s vibe. What do you think of my styling here!?

White top (similar here, here)
dress c/o The Girl That Loves (get it here)
thrifted vintage jacket
Converse sneakers

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As I work my way up to becoming a master of my own face I’ve been able to branch out and try so many brands and products. After exploring skincare and making sure my face was in tip-top shape it was time to start branching out with make up products. Looking for quality products with a semblance of some ethics has been a fun task. Most recently I was contacted by Benefit Cosmetics to try out a slew of their products, and I’ve got to say you can color me impressed!

I was already a huge fan of Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara; ever since it’s inception it’s been a go-to that even though I’m trying other products I always end up back to the classic. But I’ve now added Roller Lash to my make up bag and it is so good. Contrary to They’re Real’s thickening and lengthening formula, Roller Lash creates long, but thin lashes, perfect for feminine days with a pale pink lip.

After chatting with doppelnamer SarahLovesMakeup she convinced me I need to also try the BeneTints and the Dandelion collection, and I’m so so happy for her recommendations. The Dandelion Dew has become a daily addition, which is a big step considering I was always afraid of blush due to my fair skin! The coloring on this is sublte and feminine, and that’s what I love about it.

What’s your favorite make up brand? Have you tried Benefit Cosmetics?

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“The evil eye is a curse believed to be cast by a malevolent glare, usually given to a person when they are unaware. Many cultures believe that receiving the evil eye will cause misfortune or injury. Talismans created to protect against the evil eye are also frequently called “evil eyes”

I’ve always been fascinated with the subtle omens of other cultures. Evil eyes can be seen in a number of cultures, under a number of names, all meaning about the same. The blue color though has also been striking to me.

J.Crew blazer (last worn here)
Emma Winston necklace (get it here)
Teardrop earrings (similar here)

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Denim Duty

Last weekend Z and I fled our city abode, heading South for about two hours. A quick getaway from the Nation’s Capital we settled into a weekend in Richmond, full of great food, wonderful art (of the museum kind as well as street kind), and exceptional thrift shopping. While you wait for my full weekend tour, here’s a peak at what I wore for our one full day in this State Capital.

denim dress by The Odells (get it here)
Gold & Pewter bar studs c/o Uncommon Goods
More great earrings here:
vintage Brahmin bag (similar here)
vintage booties (similar here)

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Baby You’re Like Lightning In A Bottle

originally published August 10, 2015

I can’t let you go now that I got it
And all I need is to be struck by your electric love
Baby, your electric loveLightning in a Bottle

I’ve done it. I’ve hopped on the off-the-shoulder trend. Coupled with the pom pom trend this look is a summer favorite. I feel like I belong South of the Border in a ray of never ending sunshine and pool side sheens. Alas, I’m stuck in what feels like a never ending pool of gray and rainstorms. Thank God for weekend adventures though, amiright!?

lightning in a bottle

Lightning in a Bottle

Lightning in a Bottle

white off the shoulder dress (get it here!)

Forever21 Tribal Pom Necklace (get it here!)

BCBGeneration sandals (old) (similar here)

non-descript sunglasses (similar here)

Lightning in a Bottle

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Monthly Musings Vol. 1


Alright Y’all, it’s time. Many bloggers have been doing weekly link ups to start their Friday’s off. That’s fun and all, and I absolutely LOVE reading them! They’re always full of light and inspiring reads I may not have initially found. I’ve always been a list-er. I make to-do lists, curate lists of my favorite places for people to see in new cities, and ever since we’ve started dating I’ve been making fun little email lists for my beau to read.

Now, I want to share some with you (since sometimes my guy is not the most appreciative of these aesthetically envy-inducing shares). So welcome to a new *monthly* feature of monthly musings from around the internet! I hope you enjoy, and find some great things along the way!

  1. The above bar? It’s from Viviane Beverly Hills and as soon as I saw it I was like “but baaabe, why can’t we have marble walls AND countertops in our home??!” Someday, my walls, someday….
  2. I know I’m personally really lucky to have my own walk in closet at home, but Chiara Ferragni’s “bursting at the seams” wardrobe is just ENVY
  3. I just discovered Sugar & Cloth and it is everything my home and life wants to be. #blogcrush
  4. Note To Self: Cultivate more good habits
  5. I think I need to commission a few of these and get some good art of my fur babies!
  6. Anti-Aging Gin? I mean, COME ON. Sign me up!
  7. Dear Travel Bucket List; you’ve just gotten longer.

wishlisting: This yoga mat would be a perfect statement for my Saturday Morning sesh.

Hope you all have a great May!

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Fashion for Paws

If you know me in real life you know I love animals. Sometimes more than people. I love puppies and am always stopping to pet a dog on the sidewalk. When I’m PMSing I spend my time on The Dodo reading sob stories and basically throwing my money at humane society’s halfway across the world. But when I have the option to help the animals in my own city you best believe I’m jumping at that opportunity.

Nearly two years ago we adopted our dog Butch from the Humane Society, and are always donating and finding ways to help them. When they announced their annual Fashion for Paws runway show and gala I knew it was the perfect marriage of my two loves. I donned a gown from Rent The Runway and my handsome arm candy and I made our way to the party!

Cynthia Vincent dress via Rent The Runway (rent it here)
H&M holographic clutch (similar)

I had such a blast and the whole time I kept thinking how much fun it would be to walk the runway one year with my Washington Humane Society rescue pup! I’m thinking maybe next year. Want to do your part? Click here to donate to the Washington Humane Society and help animals like Butch with the opportunity to find loving homes!

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I Feel Like I’m Following My Heart Again

Between work and this nice weather hounding my social life with Happy Hours and brunch dates life has been non-stop go. I love it; I live for being consistently busy, always ready for the next way to soak up the sun and this wonderful life. I’m fully inspired by the weather to branch out and try fun outfits like this one.

Ami Clubwear Jumpsuit (get it here)(similar here)
J.Crew Tee
Zara Mules (similar here)
WhoWhatWear x Target Skinny Scarf (similar here)
Linell Ellis clutch (get it here)

Hope you all are enjoying this beautiful weather yourselves!

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