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Skin Bearers

(I apologize in advance if today’s post is less fruitful than usual)

image from Frillr.com

As we learn in the fabulous fashion school that is LIM College, all fashion ends in excess. Right now, though, we’re at the beginning of a new trend, midriff bearing. This 90’s trend is coming back to the fashion masses. First seen on the spring/summer runways about 3 years ago, and this past September was seen on the catwalk for Alexander Wang, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, and many of the other fashion hierarchies. These showy tops have definitely been making their rise. Now, they’ve successfully made it, and can be found in all our favorite bargain fashion stores.

mmm. I'm so attractive

This is my “Star Gazer” top I fell in love with at Forever 21. It was only $14.50! Forever 21 has a number of different styles for every look you could be going for this season, including nautical themed, studded, and solids.

American Apparel also has a large range of these cropped topped tees. They offer their “Tri-Blend Scrimmage Top” for as long as $16, but prices go as high as $38 for an Interlock Zip Crop Top.

If you’re looking for an even cheaper way to make this trend work for you, maybe a DIY style would be best. You can get a mens’ or boys’ 6 pack of white tee shirts from Target for $7, and then paint, sharpie, and cut to your liking!

Now, as we all know, some people just shouldn’t be showing so much skin, but I think many people I know are able to rock this trend so don’t be scared to try it out! If you’re scared, try it out on just your friends first, though I’m sure all my lovely readers will look beautiful!