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Quick little outfit post from my mom’s! Wore this around the house, because god forbid I got out like this in public in suburban Massachusetts…Oh, the stares!

Wearing a gifted archaeology cardigan from Francesca’s Collection, which can be found here, American Apparel leotard, thrifted/vintage maxi skirt. And, a lack of make up, ofcourse. Preparing my face for the upcoming NYFW which will be a toll on my wardrobe, face, and feet.

Dude Fashion for Spring!

For those of you close to me, you already know. Those of you who are just readers/followers (Thank you for your support <3) you don’t know. I have recently taken on a new job, a coveted job for any college sophomore, a buying job. In the men’s department.

Heading in I knew very little about the changing trends as I’ve rarely studied the guy’s side. As my first month comes to a close, I’m feeling more confident and educated. I know very few truly styling men in my life, and I wish more straight guys would care about style, but alas, the world can’t be perfect.

Here are a few men’s fashions I’ve noticed for the upcoming season.

1. Brights

Similarly to femme fashion, bright colors and “color blocking” are a necessity.

(Images via CouteQueCoute)

Image via DapperLou.com

Where to go for all your bright basics? American Apparel seems to be the winner for pricing and functionality.

2. Business Casual

This is one men’s trend that I absolutely adore, and I can’t stress it enough. A man in jeans, a button front shirt with sleeves rolled up and maybe a vest or a bowtie=SEX.

(Images via Dapper Lou)

Not to objectify, but I think Keiko Lynn’s boyfriend is a perfect example of how every straight man should dress.

(Images via This Fellow)

In real life, this is a simple style for even straight men to follow. Places to shop for this look? Forever 21, H&M, and Express.

3. On the Seas

(Image via Kenton)

While nautical is like, a spring staple similar to florals, this yer it’s taking on a new approach. Ofcourse, boat shoes are a nice addition to your shoe collection, navy stripes are coveted in larger fronts. Windbreaker jackets (Even without the wind) are a must have.

So, my few men out there reading, what are your thoughts?

Weekend Shopping and fun!

This weekend was a blast! Not only was my wonderful boyfriend visiting, but I had a photoshoot, got alot done, and spent quality time with some people close to me.

Here’s a few images from Saturday’s photoshoot (though it had little to do with clothing/fashion).

As you know, after that my Saturday was spent outdoors browsing the ‘hood with Cody. We checked out a local thrift store, where I found an AWESOME sequined shirt…for only $10! (for outfit info click here)

Since Cody has never been to the infamous Cafeteria with me, we went Sunday morning, along with my hairdresser/friend Sarah. As always, the mac n cheese spring rolls were a gift from god. I ended up trying a bunch of new drinks off their cocktail menu as well!My first drink was a Lychee Lavender, while Cody sipped a deliciously prepared Jameson and Ginger. I recently downloaded a new photo app for my iPhone, as you’re about to notice. It’s called Instagram and you take a picture and there’s, like, 15 filters you can add to it to give the image a different feel!









We ventured from Cafeteria to Union Square, and then down to Waverly Place for some much needed American Apparel. I bought an awesome ring at Aldo, that bodysuit I’ve been lusting after FOREVER from AA. Then, today (Monday) I went to Sephora and Macy’s, picking up some Kat Von D Tattoo Liner (pretty much the best eyeliner besides gel/cream) as well as a Material girl shirt and Steve Madden dress.












Also tried on a couple of tops that I didn’t get. The leopard chiffon was by Ginger G I think? And this amazing asymmetrical ripped knit is by Kensie. I’d like them both, very much!











Since it’s spring break I will have plenty of time to work with these new pieces and can’t wait for all the updates this week!

Hope everyone is enjoying their breaks, or whatever they are doing!


Everyone who hears I’m in school for fashion merchandising asks me about a million questions.

What school? What classes do you take? How do you like it? Where have you interned?

I figured I would do a post regarding all of these questions and my adoration of my college, including some information about the school, programs, et cetera.

I go to LIM College, a small strictly fashion based college located along Fifth Avenue (A building on 53rd st, a building on 45th st, and two on third avenue at 54th st and 45th st). Founded in 1939 with the first graduating class having about 45 students has grown to today, with an enrollment of 1500 students. Still small, but vapidly growing due to transfer students.

I study Fashion merchandising and minor in visual merchandising. As a freshman you have to take a number of basic and intro courses which I’ve found to be the most influential thus far. You are also required to take a “Fashion Survey”, which is an 8am lecture hall with various industry professionals coming in each week to talk to the students, explain how they came to be, and answer questions. Each student is also required two “Field Trip” classes in which, instead of the speaker coming to lecture you, students take a trip to a warehouse, showroom, or corporate headquarters of a company. They’re given a tour, lecture, and are able to explore somewhat and have their questions answered. Later in your schooling you take more in depth courses, moving onto management, textiles, buying, CAD, financing, licensing, fashion forecasting….obviously some important courses for anyone going into the fashion industry.

The one thing I love above all about LIM College, though, is the opportunity. Freshman are required to do Work Project 1, which is a sales/retail internship. Sophomores are required Work Porject 2, which is a corporate or management internship. Both of these work projects are mostly paid opportunities, which is great for the student, as well as the school giving you time off to complete them.  There is a required Junior Work Project, Junior Co-op, and Senior Co-op as well, each being increasingly higher up and more into a company. Many students end up being offered full time positions after their co-ops. While these internships are required, you’re not left to fend for yourself. The school offers on site “internship fairs”, as well as a list of companies that have had success with LIM students previously. In the event you are unable to find one on  your own, the school appoints you one. My current roommate was appointed to Hermes last year for her internship, if that’s any indication.

My personal internships have been wonderful experiences. I worked at a small children’s boutique, Flowers By Zoe, for my work project 1. I then interned at the Jenny Chase Inc Showroom in NoHo. This wass unpaid, but I learned so much about the wholesale business and I must say it’s more thrilling than retail. I was also just given a new internship for this summer at Jessica McClintock’s NYC showroom and have been interviewing for various magazines as well. I have high aspirations for my future internships and career, and I’m well on the way to being there, even as just a sophomore.

LIM College also offers amazing meet and greet opportunities. They’ve hosted book signings and dinners with Amy Astley of TeenVogue, designer Carmen Marc Valvo, and many more.

Volunteer opportunities at LIM College are also endless. Fashion Week is the best, as the school has a list of shows (BIG shows, not just shows at night clubs). You put your name on a list and you become backstage help. As a freshman I took full advantage, working backstage at Juan Carlos Obando, handing out flyers outside of Bryant Park, stuffing gift bags and dressing models at Milk Studios…After your work is done comes the real fun, when you get to stay and watch the show. Due to my own modeling career, last February I did less volunteer work. This past September though, between my blog and me deciding to be an over achiever, I was so busy going to different shows and stuffing gift bags. This past NYFW was the busiest by far, and with all the open bars I may have slacked a smidge (I promise to be better in September, I swear) but I still took part in some amazing opportunities.

Extra curriculars include a plethora of clubs and organizations from Dance Team to Student Leadership, and Fashion Styling and Fashion Show Production courses and clubs.

Needless to say, I love my school. It’s not as design oriented like most other fashion schools in the city. They offer the exposure to almost every aspect of the industry within your first few years. Many students who had originally thought they wanted to be designers have realized they have another love for some fashion niche. In high school it was my dream to be a designer; I hosted a fashion show for my senior project, wore clothes I made myself a few times a week, got into FIDM with a notable scholarship…but I’m happy with where I ended up and the education I’m getting as well as the opportunities I’ve been able to embrace.

If anyone is further interested in the school, please go check out LIMCollege.edu , you won’t be let down.

Neon Leopard

I had a dream last night about wearing these neon leopard print tights I’ve had in my closet for awhile now, but don’t wear too often. So, upon waking up I decided today was the day. Even though there was nothing special about today whatsoever, just a generic school day, but I think I looked pretty kick-a$$ 🙂























Tights from Wet Seal

Wedges from Aldo

Dress from American Apparel

Vest by Ginger G.

I totally felt amazing in this outfit; so me!

Mess with Mesh

images from shop.americanapparel.com

This may be about a year late, but another trend I see being brought back to life is the semi-mesh dress. I first saw these dresses at American Apparel in a slew of great colors from neutral to neon.

Then, on a trip to Screaming Mimi’s (notoriously fabulous vintage store on Lafayette St. in NYC) I found at least 4 semi-meshed dresses from the 80’s. Ah, LOVE.

Roulette Dress, image from: nastygal.com

The designer is Roulette, and their vintage dresses are popping up all over Ebay and other vintage/thrift boutiques.

Moving on, if you’re a Gossip Girl lover like me you may have noticed Serena’s semi-sheer and lace get up on this weeks episode. The Design? Stella McCartney circa Fall 2009. Still, its gorgeous and seemingly timeless, and Blake Lively has been seen wearing similar dresses from the designer’s line in the same mesh-y style.

Bebe and Guess Spring/Summer 2010

This past season, Rodarte had a lot of semi sheer and sheer over layer pieces in their collection, as did BCBG and Bebe.

All these designers have amazing designs, but the true reinventer of the mesh look was Alexander Wang. His iconic intricately designed mesh dress has been seen on some of the top fashionista’s including Rihanna, Amber Rose, Megan Fox, and many more of the fashion elite.

Alexander Wang Spring 09

Many designers have tried to do their own versions of this dress since then, including House of Holland and Luella, but nobody can recreate something so impeccably perfect. 

 Now, why do I love this trend? You can show some skin while staying classy and warm! its perfect for a brisk spring night when you can’t decide over long sleeves or short.

Bringing Sexy Back

Yigal Azrouel dresses as seen on RentTheRunway.com

Backless shirts and dresses have been popping up everywhere, a trend that I’ve been waiting for to explode.
I LOVE my back; its one of my few features that I love to show off and think it can be done so tastefully by anyone. 2 years ago I bought my first open backed shirts; a crocheted back solid off the shoulder top from Forever 21; I was so in love I bought it in black, gray, and mustard. When shpping for dresses for this upcoming spring, I’m finding it easier to find dresses that allow me to showcase this area of skin tastefully.

I’m seeing backless and semi-backless tops and dresses everywhere. American Apparel makes backless everything; dresses, tops, leotards, all in a number of styles from tank to long sleeve. These cost about $40-$80, but if you’re lucky and happen to hit up an AA rummage sale, you can find these dresses for $12 a pop, just like I did!

open back dresses from American Apparel online store

Another backless trend I’m seeing is the DIY cut up back. I first noticed this trend being done by a number of emerging fashionistas on lookbook.nu. Now, this post is going to be media heavy, but there’s jsut so many cute options!

image from Lookbook.nu

I decided to create my own looks as well, inspired by the ones seen on the collective fashion website:

Now, before you say “ohemgee Sahra copied!” try to remember that there is no such thing as complete authenticity (look up Jean Paul Sartre if you’re unsure).  if you’re not feeling creative or don’t have the time or energy, forever 21 and TopShop have pre-made ripped tanks for purchase from $12.50-$55.

as seen on RentTheRunway.com

Dresses, shirts, and tanks can all be worn in various open backed styles, from classy to grunge-trashy. If you plan to DIY, bring some flavor and add some elements of personal style!
Now, go show some skin and bring that sexy BACK!