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A bit of color on a Gray day

It’s been dull and gray for a few days now, here, and I’ve been going a little crazy! So this morning I decided to put all the color I wish was outside onto me.

Rue 21 jeans

Top from Necessary Clothing in Soho

H&M Jacket

DIY slouchy clutch

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Life is Too Short to Care What Others Think

Getting in on my spring time brights and breaking out some sneakers. These are one of my favorite pair of kicks, but living in NYC I rarely find wear for them, so I’m sure they’re happy I’m in MA for a few weeks. Sure, shoes can have feelings too, right?

Thrifted jacket from Saver’s

Forever 21 dress

Shirt C/o WordBoner (buy it HERE)

Charming Charlie’s bag

Converse sneakers

bracelets from Bloomingdale’s, Target

Forever 21 sunglasses

Also, this is one of my favorite tee shirts ever, for obvious reasons. Crass and bold, and it always gets people to stare at my chest, for better reasons than is more common!

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Last night I attended the launch of Jeffrey Campbell’s new bag line at a Fourth of July party at LF stores in SoHo.  I walked into free lemonade from girls wearing various pieces of American Flag apparel (totally IN right now, right?) and cupcakes, cake, and everything themed. I immediately found my fellow blogger friends amongst the plethora of associates mixed with the “too cool for school” teenage crowd.

After saying hello and getting accustomed to the situation I took a look around the store. to be honest, I was scared for my life. LF Stores is the epitome of force fed fashion, catering to the personality and personal taste-less followers of the Nylon bible. You’ve got your crop tops, American flag shorts, fringed “vintage” tees, and all-you-can-wear high waisted “vintage” Levi shorts. Oh, and did I mention the Jeffrey Campbell Lita’s?

Amongst the rubble of fashion vomit I managed to find the Sam Edelman heels I’ve been lusting after, as well as this gorgeous kimono.

















Okay, so I don’t completely hate the shop. I think, piece by piece, they are some amazing finds. But for the most part, I’d rather not be force fed my daily dose of Nylon Magazine’s poolings all at once.

Anyway, so after waiting through two bag giveaways (one of which was won by my dear friend Monroe!), 6 of us decided to go for sushi at Noodle Zen on St. Mark’s.

Since I’d already had sushi for lunch, I opted for a vegetable tempura udon, which was quite good, especially alongside my orange chu-hi beverage.

Now for what I wore:

Misfits tee from Hot Topic (DIY/cutout myself)

Forever 21 shorts

Aldo Wedges

Gifted R&Em bag (can be found here)

Peter Grimm hat

TopShop bracelets

And now I leave you with this photobooth strip of Nicole and I making funny faces! ❤


July 30th, 2010 is going down in my books as probably THE best day ever. I was up alllll night with one of my best friends ever. I slept maybe 3 hours, she didn’t sleep at all. We woke up at 6, showered, then she had a photoshoot. While at her photoshoot, her grandfather and I hung out on the RI/CT border. We found cows, who I pet and they licked me. We ended up at a random flea market and I found a great breakfast in bed tray from the 60’s with flamingos on it, which I bargained for and bought for my parents. Then I came across stunning hats from the 40’s and 50’s, and at the same stand a vintage Vogue from 1945. I made a deal with the sales woman and bought the magazine, as well as this adorable vintage bag (right) for $20 total! It was such a steal and while I’m still heavily in debt from my NYC roommates, I still feel it was the best purchase of my life to date. I’ll be posting a big post tonight or tomorrow with some scans/images from the magazine.

Anyway, after my friend finished her photoshoot, she treated her grandfather and I to the Mystic Aquarium…I had never been, but OMG LOVE. You c an pet sharks, and sting rays, and feed the rays…SO SO much fun. Here’s a few pictures for your non-fashionable enjoyment!

petting a shark...


So, aquarium, lunch at cracker barrel, then making a few sales on my extra clothes from my closet (and finally being able to pay my cell phone bill!) I went to an ABC Party with some friends I knew in high school. Everyone was so creative with their outfits! check out this pic:

After a wonderful night with friends, I crawled into bed with my amazing boyfriend and fell asleep next to him. AKA most perfect day.

Enjoy, and I’ll be posting more of those flea market finds in another post!