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As I work my way up to becoming a master of my own face I’ve been able to branch out and try so many brands and products. After exploring skincare and making sure my face was in tip-top shape it was time to start branching out with make up products. Looking for quality products with a semblance of some ethics has been a fun task. Most recently I was contacted by Benefit Cosmetics to try out a slew of their products, and I’ve got to say you can color me impressed!

I was already a huge fan of Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara; ever since it’s inception it’s been a go-to that even though I’m trying other products I always end up back to the classic. But I’ve now added Roller Lash to my make up bag and it is so good. Contrary to They’re Real’s thickening and lengthening formula, Roller Lash creates long, but thin lashes, perfect for feminine days with a pale pink lip.

After chatting with doppelnamer SarahLovesMakeup she convinced me I need to also try the BeneTints and the Dandelion collection, and I’m so so happy for her recommendations. The Dandelion Dew has become a daily addition, which is a big step considering I was always afraid of blush due to my fair skin! The coloring on this is sublte and feminine, and that’s what I love about it.

What’s your favorite make up brand? Have you tried Benefit Cosmetics?

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