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Monthly Musings Vol. 7

He recently visited Chopta, a hill station in Uttarakhand, with his friends Rukmini and Vijay. The couple runs a company called Collarfolk in New Delhi that plans vacations for families with dogs.

Good Morning to you all, and welcome to November. I hope your Halloween hangovers are mild and your memories are plentiful. Now, for some inspiration of my favorite things from the past month to ease you into the workday, and the new month.

  1. With the cooler temperatures on the way I am dreaming of these fireplaces; #6 is totally #housegoals! And #11 speaks to my wordly style goals.
  2. I’m hoping this shirt is on everyone’s wishlist now, for hilarity and for charity.
  3. “Uber for Millennials Who Want an Orchestra” – I’m hoping this start up explodes within the next year so I can use it for my wedding!
  4. Making my home less-cluttered is a constant goal of mine, but the rest of these 10 ways to make your home more sophisticated seem a little more feasible.
  5. Looking ahead to a month of freshness (and hopefully updating the blog more than I did in October) with these inspos for the chilling weather in style and minimalism.
  6. Also perfect for the chilly weather? This round up of delicious recipes!
  7. Being cold has me dreaming up warm weather vacations, with my best friends in tow.

Wishlisting: (1) This sweater is ruffled bell-sleeved perfection. (2) a Corduroy and faux shearling jacket in the perfect wine color is a MUST for fall! (3) The perfect layering piece for cold days that doesn’t feel bulky (I will never NOT shamelessly plug HeatTech). (4) I cannot stop dreaming over this Gucci belt…the perfect accoutrement to a jeans and a tee shirt look. (5) I want literally all of these pins and patches from this site.


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