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Gift Guide: 11 Beauty Products for the Blogger on Your List

Welcome to the second installment of my holiday gift guides! I’ve compiled the list of top books for the blogger in your life, and today I’m bringing you my top beauty picks! Again, some I already own and recommend, others are on my own list, and others are just famously wishlist-ed around!
beauty1. Illamasqua Kontrol
With Lourde and the runways making purple an acceptable lip color, this old favorite of mine is finally coming into play! The color is bold, but also just muted enough to not appear too costume-y. It lasts all day as well, what being by a quality make up line.

2. MoroccanOil Conditioner
I LOVE this conditioner; it always leaves my hair irresistibly smooth, no matter how many times I dye, straighten, and harass it. The blogger in your life will LOVE this product.

3. Tokyo Milk Lotion
This is a more recent acquirement of mine, but the Tokyo Milk lotion leaves my hands silky smooth subtly scented, and with no oily or sticky residue. Definitely a quality lotion, and coming in a variety of scents. My favorite is the woodsy “dark excessive” shown here!

4. Birchbox
What blogger wouldn’t love a subscription to the latest samples of beauty products!? No blogger, that’s who. Birchbox delivers a carefully curated box of beauty products to the door each month, chock full of samples to test out and review and play with! Alternatives to this brand include GlossyBox and PopSugar Must Haves!

5. Chance by Chanel
Whilst many bloggers have their own signature scent, few will say no to a spritz of this iconic perfume. With the air of luxury and classic elegance, Chance by Chanel will not disappoint this holiday season.

6. Clarisonic
Though it may be pricey, the Clarisonic facial cleanser is a dreamy wonder. It works like magic to make any skin flawlessly smooth and clear.

7. Eos Lip Trio
Eos lip balms have been on the up and up, and while Chapstick and other brands of lip balm are a classic stocking stuffer, the Eos is a step up. These are a great gift for any stocking you need stuffed!

8. Ciate Caviar Nail Kit
Ciate kills it with nail kits; they’ve done velvet, pearl, and now “caviar”, little embellished balls that great a three dimensional glam look for your nails! A great gift for the DIY nail lover to create envy inducing tips.

9. Aerin Winter Palette
Aerin beauty products, coveted and clean, are to die for. This winter palette has you covered with all that you need to look fresh and ready to party the holidays away!

10. Lash Stash Gift Set
Sephora is always on point with their holiday gift sets; they have perfume sets, brush sets, nail sets, and ofcourse, the lash set. Each comes with a perfect sampling of the year’s hottest products in generous amounts, making this a gift easy on the wallet and pleasing on the eyes (is that a mild pun!?)

11. Naked 3 Palette
Beauty bloggers, and all other ladies and drags interested in make up, have been obsessing over the Naked palette’s for years. I still have my first one around here somewhere; they’re the perfect palette for all things you need for flawless skin for a night out or any other event; that’s the great thing, they’re versatile! Now, just in time for the holidays, Urban Decay has released the latest; the Naked 3 Palette. Currently sold out and extremely coveted, if you can get your hands on one your little blogger would love you forever, of this I am sure!

What do you have on your beauty wishlist!? Would you be excited to receive these products for the holidays?

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