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Last Day in NYC

My last night in NYC for two weeks and I spent it with some of my closest friends drinking margaritas and chatting about summer adventures. My last day I spent procrastinating some packing, grabbing lunch with some friends, then off to my favorite neighborhood thrift store, Atlantis Attic.
















Diesel tee shirt

Forever 21 shorts

Jessica Simpson boots

Vintage/thrifted bag

Next time I post you’ll be reading all about my July 4th weekend! Enjoy 😀

Work and Play

Saturday was a day of both work and play. As some of you may know, I’m a coordinator for the New York Fashion Blogger Meet Up Group. The other coordinators and I, as well as top IFB bloggers and other members of our group attended the Blogger Closet Raid held at the Tribeca Grand Hotel. I had just spent my Friday shopping, but once I found Nitrolicious, all plans to “not spend” went down the drain. Having and amazing shoe collection, ALL in my size, ranging from Jessica Simpson to Jeffrey Campbells to Louboutin’s it was like her set up was curated specifically for me. Though I wish I could have indulged in the crystal encrusted Louboutin’s and Xanadu fur JC’s, I knew I needed to think realistically…and then I found the Jessica Simpson moto boots. I’ve been scouring the internet and shops for the perfect studded moto boots to add to my collection, and when I stumbled upon these for their low price there was no WAY I could say no. The following few images were taken by Monroe of Fashion Steele NYC.











After the raid-fest and saying hello to good friends, it was time to get down to work. Monroe, Yanil and I decided to dine and chat at the Tribeca Grand’s lounge, which was full of attractive attentive staff and delicious drinks, as well as coffee and food according to my counterparts.

I hope they don’t mind that I made myself at home on their chairs!

Delia’s ribbed tank

Express Shorts

Bracelets from…around

Jessica Simpson moto boots

As you can see I’m completely smitten with my new purchase. I’m also ecstatic that my ombre manicure if still going strong, since nail colors usually don’t last long on me due to chipping and such.

Everything is Wet and Awkward

I took a trp down tIo Baltimore this weekend to visit one of my closest friends. It was a grand ol’ time; whiskey and vodka were drank, sushi and many a taco and nacho were consumed, and the weather was nearing 50 degrees! I even wore a skirt, as you can see, and stepped out of my UGG’s and Uniqlo tights for once.

Forever 21 Jacket

JCrew Cable Knit

Foreve 21 Skirt

H&M Floral Tights

Old Navy Boots

These were taken on a particular wet day in which we accidentally locked ourselves out of the house until someone came to rescue us with the spare key. Later that day we helped a clearly drugged/high guy who had gotten into a severe car accident on the highay call the police. And then ate pounds and pounds of mexican food. Needless to say, this was the most exciting day of the trip, and I think I looked damn cute for it!

Sky High Thigh High

Lady GaGa at the AMA's in 2009

I initially saw and tried on these Ellie shoes over a year ago while perusing Patricia Field’s Bowery shop. They were $88 of epic teetering perfection. My friend I was with at the time coerced me out of the impulse buy but they had never left my mind. I later found them to be the ones Lady GaGa had worn to the 2009 American Music Awards, which made them even more appealing.

Last week, while doing my normal “sale shopping” I noticed the pumps on sale for half off. WHAT. A. STEAL. It was a done deal. I waited for a few days and finally got them in the mail and was giddy the rest of the night. I wore them around the house to get used to them and have come to the conclusion that these are definitely NOT drinking shoes. Still, I love them and plan on wearing them a bit.

Now, please pardon my appearance and boring outfit. Please focus on the gorgeous beauts of the shoes.

Now, these shoes are epic. There’s a platform, so they’re more comfortable than they look. They’re also on sale for dirt cheap…There’s only a few sizes left so get on over to PatriciaField.com and scoop them up!

Adventures in Montauk

I’ve been going off on little adventures almost daily with my friend James Norton and his fancy shmancy camera. Figured I’d share some images of my adventures and personal style with all you lovelies! (side pre-note: if you click on the pictures they get bigger…and prettier!)

Tee from Target

Shorts from Forever 21

Fringed Gladiator sandals from Limited Too

Bangles from Forever 21, Target, and TopShop

and this one just makes me happy:

Another day we went to this horse ranch. It claims to be the first in America, est. 1658…

Dress from Target

Bracelets from Target, Forever 21, Whole Foods

Boots from some cowboy store in Virginia

Sunglasses from the Montauk Arts and Crafts Fair

Hat from my friend’s mom’s closet

I bought ^this^ wooden bird at an estate sale; figured I could make a cute, unique necklace out of it!

Next we went to ditch plains to go hike the cliffs by the sea side!

anddd….a total botch job of a few pictures I tried to combine: On my final day we tried to explore some new places in just a few hours before my ride to MA came… we only got a few images but here’s what we got:

Dress from Justice

Shoes by MiaGirl

Jacket by H&M


CowGirl Rock

I was never  a fan of the Suburban Cowgirl look growing up. After moving to the real concrete jungle, though, I feel in love with the urbanized cowgirl look. Brown leather boots are a great staple for use in both summer and winter.

First, where to find a quality, authentic looking pair: I found mine at a cowboy shop in Alexandria, Virginia (that I sadly forget the name of). If you happen to live in or be traveling to a state Virginia or south of there, you’ll be lucky to hopefully find a quality authentic shop. These 100% leather boots run on the pricey side, though. Children’s sized pairs go from $60 to $120, while adult sizes (women’s 6 and up) range from $175 upwards to $300.

image from Forever21.com

If you don’t happen to live in one of those southern states, or just don’t have the funds for authentic ism, there are still options. Forever 21 and Strawberry have been seen carrying brown boots resembling cowboy styles. While Forever 21 shoes are reasonably priced ($27.80 for the pair pictured to the right), I’ve never found them to be noticeably comfortable. Strawberry tends to carry more noticeable shoe brands. While they are unable to be found online, they carry Jessica Simpson, Rampage, Bakers, and more brands. While most locations are in Manhattan, they have a few locations in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania as well (locations can be found at strawberrystores.com). If you’re looking in department stores, Macy’s, Nordstrom,  and JC Penney also tend to have some cowboy inspired boots. Prices for these can range from $49.99 to $120.

Now, how to wear them. Let’s start with our current season, summer. Throw your cute brown leather boots with a floral sundress (knock out two trends at once without overdoing it!) or some denim short shorts. One night I went out and even added a real leather gun holster!I particularly love the brown leather boots look with white; whether it be a white sundress or some light denim jeans and a white top.

a couple of my outfits using my cowboy boots

This trend is one of few that can be carried through the seasons. This past winter I wore mine with some ripped jeans, an over sized sweater, and some rustic looking jewelry. If you can find a leather belt and/or satchel bag that matches your boots, lucky you! With the right accessories, including wooden bangles, you can make almost anything work with these boots.

Here are some more images to inspire you to create your own look….go out and have fun! Get some boys to save a horse and ride a cowgirl 😉

images from CollegeFashion.net

Booted and Wedged

Sure, stilettos are sexy, they make your ass look great, they make the boys go nuts. But, they’re NOT comfy, especially when you go dancing for 6 hours. Wedges, however are comfortable. Wedged booties are a cute way to add height and fashion without sacrificing your comfort.

Acne Atacoma Wedges

There are only a select few options for designer for a bootie style black wedge. First, the completely orgasmic lust worthy Acne Atacoma wedges. At $570 these wedges, the loves of my life, are gorgeous. The Atacoma wedges were ade famous by being worn by Brit Style Icon Alexa Chung. While available in black with a black, brown, or silver metal platform, these booties are also available in gray and silver, and all over white or pale blue. 

Another lustworthy designer of fantastic black yet unique wedges is Sam Edelman. His $300 black wedge offers a bit of a bondage feel with straps and buckles, as well as a flattened toe.

On a more budget friendly note, Jeffrey Campbell brings similar designs at a fairer price to the fashionable masses. He has a wide range of all styles, from short booties to peep toe ones, as well as ones with the platform studded. These shoes run from $109 to $256, dependant on what style, where you buy em, and when you buy em. I found a pair of the fabulous short black booties on sale for $100, but when I went back to purchase them they were gone! So, I’m personally still on the hunt for my fabulous pair. Also completely lust worthy are his animal printed wedges. I LOVE the leopard and zebra ones, though I am not a fan of the snake skins.

Jeffrey Campbell Orgasms

You don’t get much cheaper and chic-er than $100 per pair of beautiful shoes.

Now, where to find all these and similar styles? Well, for all my fabulous New Yorkers, Jeffrey Campbell can be found at select David Z. Stores (the one near TopShop carries them!)  Also, there is an ACNE store at 10 Greene St in Soho. For my non-NY-ers and my lazy shoppers, I suggest Polyvore.com and typing “wedges” into the search box. This amazing fashion website lists prices, places to buy, and images of ways to wear them.