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Idle Hands are The Devil’s Work

Since being self-employed solely by this blog, and moving back to my parents, I’ve had an increase in “stir-crazy” and my need to create. I started off my drawing and designing in my sketchbook more; then going to fabric stores around here. After returning from Costa Rica, with the help of my sister, I picked up some fabric and beadings, and others, and began the creation process.

You already saw in my last post the clutch I made, but here’s a look at some things I’ve been making/DIYing:

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New In: Freedom at TopShop

I know I went out shopping for others for this holiday season, but when I found this wristwear/hair tie all in one at TopShop it was screaming my name so loud I couldn’t say no!





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Animal Details

Quick little outfit post. My camera battery has been on the fritz so it’s been difficult getting full outfit shoots in, hence half this post being iPhone taken.
It’s a simple outfit I wore out shopping; Old Navy boots, H&M pants, tiered top, my big comfy Alice Yim NY cocoon cardigan, and some fancy accessories.
I’d been dying to use this embellished zebra bracelet from Charming Charlie’s for literally months but was having a difficult time styling it with what I was wearing. I then received this Chameleon ring during NYFW and knew they could be a perfect match. Threw on some simple bangles, and BAM. Done.




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Sheer fringed top from H&M

High waist metallic leggings from American Apparel

Wild Pair shoes

H&M ring-bracelet

Leopard ring from Chinatown

Under Arrest

After today’s fiasco involving my arrest, I’ve decided to write about handcuff jewelry, because nothing says hardcore better than being a felon! Handcuff jewelry has probably always been prevalent since the “bad guy” became so gosh darn hot! These days, as fashion becomes more about what you wear and less about who you are, more girly girls have been wearing tougher looking jewelry to seem tougher than they are. Celebrities have even been spotted adorning these cuffs.

Let’s start off with cheap and chic; Avril Lavigne’s exclusive line for Kohl’s, Abbey Dawn, offers a $9 silver-tone handcuff and key necklace.

screen print from HotTopic.com

Ofcourse, no tough stuff jewelry cannot be found at the alternative kid’s haven, Hot To

pic. Online they have Handcuff and Key earrings for $12. Pretty cute, and I love the mismatch feel (Betsey

Johnson’s been doing similar with all of her earrings too!). As an online exclusive they have this adorable Knotted Handcuff Necklace, for $18.

On a simpler note, Hot Topic has this plain, silver handcuff bracelet for only $10.

Moving on, Linens N Things strangely offers Handcuff jewelry. They offer this “Criss Angel inspired” piece in both gold and silver, for $49 each.

On a more indie side, Etsy has a number of designers who offer from cheap to 100% chic handcuff jewelry for sale. Prices range from as low as $5 up to in the hundreds.

One of my favorite high end hardcore jewelry designers, Gasoline Glamour, offers an entire section of their e-store to handcuff jewelry. They offer a real pair of handcuffs, beautifully rhinestoned, for $175, for all you kinky freaks out there 😉 . Gasoline Glamour also offers a rhinestoned victorian inspired pendant with miniature handcuffs on it for only $57.

image from GasolineGlamour.com

Now, handcuffs can’t be found just anywhere in your local mall, but these are my favorite places for quality, price, and fabulous-ness. If you want to go on your hunt for something unique, like I said, try Etsy or just hit the good ol’ Google. Enjoy your tough look, and please, loves, try to stay out of wearing the REAL thing!

Animal Collective

image from AdoredAustin.com, bracelets from Fashioniqueonline.com

From Forever 21 to Swarovski, jungle animals have been taking over our necklines, wrists, and fingers. Slowly but surely more animal pendants have been making their way onto celebrities and all other fashinistas.

I first noticed this trend as it began to take over Forever 21’s jewelry department with sparrows, owl’s, and other winged creatures. Lately, though, more jungle animals have been showing up, like elephants, turtles, and giraffes. Prices on these are dirt cheap and range from $4.80 to $14.90.

Another fabulous place to find animal inspired jewelry is the online retailer ModCloth.  ModClothdotCom features a variety of stunning animal inspired jewelry from sea creatures to ornate jungle animals.  My favorite is their seemingly iconic Octopus necklace, which one of my good friends Corianne has had for a long time. this beautiful necklace is only $14.99 but sadly, you have to wait for it to be shipped right to your door. Another beautiful and unique choice would be the feathers for all weathers necklace showing off a peacock at $17.99.   

If  you’d like to add a little zest to your animals, I suggest JC Penney for some semi-precious jeweled animals. These prices range from $50-$200 for be jeweled elephants and snakes. Swarovski, ofcourse, is perfect for crystal and diamond encrusted animals. Here, you can find almost any animal you want…my mum once found me a miniature crystal hedgehog!

Animal bracelets, specifically elephants, are an easy find on the streets as well. Just last fall I bought an elephant cuff on St. Mark’s Place in NYC for a mere $7.

Really, with the way these accesories are taking over the world, you can find them anywhere, at almost any price. They are a great statement piece to own and add flair to any simple outfit. buy it, rock it, and have fun with it!