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Thanksgiving Dressing

A little preview as to what I’m wearing today; keeping it dressy-casual this Holiday, and planning to spend the entire day with my immediate family and a few close family friends.

Skirt from TJ Maxx

J. Crew sweater

Baker’s shoes

Amercan Apparel tights

H&M ring

Satya Jewelry necklace (gifted)

H&M earrings

Vintage Liz Claiborne hat

Hope you all have a great holiday! Happy Thanksgiving ❤

Carnival Night

Contrary to last year, we took our trip to Old Orchard Beach’s seaside amusement park Palace Playland at night this year. The bright lights and whizzing rides were just what I needed after a long day under the sun. I obviously didn’t want to over do it with the “fashionableness” so I kept it casual. This tee was perfect with enough arm coverage to keep me warm and (mostly) protected from mosquitoes and um, it has a flamingo. It was obviously love at first site when I saw it at my local Zumiez.

Baseball tee by Ralik via Zumiez

Bullhead shorts from PacSun

Bag from the Fall River Bag Outlet, MA

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The Ocean Breathes Salty

Outside of fashion I think I’d have to say my biggest passion is the sea; the salty air, the temperate sand, the crashing waves…the enamoring creatures, the myths and the facts, the history. I love jellyfish, sharks, sting rays, octopus’…in fact, it’s my birthday wish to go to the Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut for my birthday in a few weeks so I can feed the sting rays (hint hint: MOM).

While driving back from my adventures in the great north, I asked my father to stop by the family summer home, in Scarborough, Maine just to see the sea. It was a surprisingly warm November day at 54 degrees, and the air was just perfect. The dead sea grass and cold sand were a great compliment to the cool, but crisp air.

Though I wasn’t quite fashionably dress (Victoria’s Secret PINK yoga pants, UGG boots, and my ex-boyfriends flannel shirt) I figured I’d still share this happy scene with you readers.

Nothing, no words can explain, the unfaltering infatuation I have with the ocean and the beach…

Dude Fashion for Spring!

For those of you close to me, you already know. Those of you who are just readers/followers (Thank you for your support <3) you don’t know. I have recently taken on a new job, a coveted job for any college sophomore, a buying job. In the men’s department.

Heading in I knew very little about the changing trends as I’ve rarely studied the guy’s side. As my first month comes to a close, I’m feeling more confident and educated. I know very few truly styling men in my life, and I wish more straight guys would care about style, but alas, the world can’t be perfect.

Here are a few men’s fashions I’ve noticed for the upcoming season.

1. Brights

Similarly to femme fashion, bright colors and “color blocking” are a necessity.

(Images via CouteQueCoute)

Image via DapperLou.com

Where to go for all your bright basics? American Apparel seems to be the winner for pricing and functionality.

2. Business Casual

This is one men’s trend that I absolutely adore, and I can’t stress it enough. A man in jeans, a button front shirt with sleeves rolled up and maybe a vest or a bowtie=SEX.

(Images via Dapper Lou)

Not to objectify, but I think Keiko Lynn’s boyfriend is a perfect example of how every straight man should dress.

(Images via This Fellow)

In real life, this is a simple style for even straight men to follow. Places to shop for this look? Forever 21, H&M, and Express.

3. On the Seas

(Image via Kenton)

While nautical is like, a spring staple similar to florals, this yer it’s taking on a new approach. Ofcourse, boat shoes are a nice addition to your shoe collection, navy stripes are coveted in larger fronts. Windbreaker jackets (Even without the wind) are a must have.

So, my few men out there reading, what are your thoughts?