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Step Into The Fire Feeling Hotter Than The Truth

I can feel the heat but I’m not burning
Feeling desire, feel the tired …
Feels like I’m falling20131101-195702.jpg

Another look featuring more of the items I purchased in my 24 hour cat phase; a lovely skirt chosen from Persun Mall (where I also chose the kitschy romantic bracelet). I tried to make this look a downtown meets office vibe; slouchy boots and socks contrasted with a structured blazer and a flirty skirt, alongside my edgy aesthetic. It’s definitely my current fave, and I’ve recently shared it on IFB’s weekly list! 20131101-200144.jpg20131101-195741.jpg20131101-195824.jpg20131101-195900.jpg

20131101-202548.jpg20131101-202614.jpgZara blazer from Reddz Trading
H&M Basic Tee
Kitty Skirt c/o Persun Mall (get it here)
Target socks
M.I.A. Boots
“Love” bracelet c/o Persun Mall (get it here)
Necklace c/o Satya Jewelry

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Wild Cat

IMG_5180IMG_5168Bubbles and Champagne were their names, they were a year older than me with a faint orange tabby the vets called “pink”. My babysitters, my headrests, my first taste of responsibility. Their 20 years of life in mine created quite the cat lady in me. Now, at nearly 24, I have my Maven: the omnipresent, unconditional, furry love of my life.

If my recent InstaGrams, or the entire tag/page on my Tumblr is any note, I’m clearly a cat lady, through and through. Don’t get me wrong, I love my pups! Especially bullies, whether it be pitties or frenchies; those wide smiles get me every time. But alas, nothing compares to the independence of a feline companion.
Now, getting back to my first love of Fashion, I’ve been loving the influx of feline-laden apparel! Charlotte Olympia velvet wedges were a glorious dream of mine, so when I found these killer dupes at Buffalo Exchange for $17 I knew it was my fate, even more when they were my perfect size (a rarity). I scooped those up faster than a cat attacking a pile of catnip! That specific cat-coma weekend I also ordered a black cat iPhone case off Amazon, and a cat skirt from Persun Mall. yea, I’m slightly obsessed, oh well, at least I look chic! IMG_5170 IMG_5174 IMG_5177 IMG_5182

Also wearing Leopard mini dress (with pockets!!) from TARI and a cardigan from Limited Too.

Lookit my little fattttie <33
What do you think of the feline trend invading fashion? Do you, or would you, wear cat-themed clothes and shoes!?


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