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Women’s History Month

Little is it known that March is Woman’s History Month, to celebrate the history of women, and how far we’ve come from our kitchen bound ancestor’s.

My school, LIM College hosted an event recognizing women in the fashion industry with three speakers talking about how they came to be, how they deal with the pressures of life, and advice.

The event began at 6:30 with a catered dinner in one of the school’s lounges. Salad, mini spring rolls (Veggie!) desserts, jumbo coconut shrimp; it was a well put together palette pleasing set. Shortly after we were moved to another lounge, set up with chairs so as to listen and interact with the panel of speakers.

The speakers were Verneda White, of the awareness raising brand Human Intonation, Renee a freelance industry professional, and LIM Alumni Erica Young of Madison Plus.

It was great to listen to how all these successful women came to be, to hear their stories of their struggles and rises, and industry experiences. A moving story was eldest speaker Renee, who during the early childhood of her children, would bring them to work with her allowing them to sleep on piled up fabrics. Her children, immediately immersed in the industry, were well education on textiles and fabrics by the time they were 10 she says, which is astounding to me.

After the panel guests and professionals were allowed to mix and mingle as well as network. Gift bags were handed out, supplied by Betsey Johnson with gifts from Women’s Wear Daily and LIM college, as well as fun little trinkets from Betsey Johnson.

To read more about the amazing opportunities and experiences of LIM, check out their website and student blogs here, or check out my lengthy post of my personal experiences here.