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Death Is Her Boyfriend

Completely enjoying everything black and winged lately; can ya tell? I wore this outfit to baby sit a couple of days before Halloween; a little chic take on a Vampira meets a Bat Girl.

H&M Dress

Vintage/thrifted skirt

Black roses c/o Savers Value Village

Necklace c/o Satya Jewelry

Rings (Left to Right): Nordstrom’s, Urban Outfitters, Grandmother’s, Forever21, Francesca’s Collection

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Ariel, The Little Mermaid

The weekend before Halloween and I, like, many other 20-something year olds, went out to party! My costume; my favorite Disney character of Ariel from The Little Mermaid. I wore a bandeau top from Wet Seal that I pinched together with string, along with a DIY maxi skirt, a thrifted “rainbow fish” cardigan from Saver’s, and my thrifted $5 seashell belt. I also used a vintage Saks Fifth Avenue handbag with netting and pearls and a fork from my kitchen!





What do you think of my costume? Did you dress up this past weekend? What are you for this festive Halloween season!?

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Dia De Los Muertos

Halloween is probably obviously my favorite time of year, and the past few years it’s gone hand in hand with the Dia De Los Muertoes, the Mexican holiday of the Day of The Dead.

While last Halloween I was a sugar skull for the actual Halloween and costume parties, this year, I did a sugar skull photo shoot early on in October and was fairly “normal” for Halloween festivities, until the actual Day of the Dead.

Make up and Behind the scenes photos by Margot Ruth

Photos by F-1 Photo

So on November 2nd a local bar, Union Pool, was having a little Dia De Los Muertos party and costume contest. I’d left my tu-tu at my mom’s, so I went in just face paint (and my Misfits tee and studded knee jeans and combat boots). I also did Cody’s make up again, so fun!

How was everyone’s Hallo-Weekend? Did YOU do anything fun for the Dia De Los Muertos?

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Halloween is one of my favorite holidays…in fact, it may very well be my number one favorite! I personally love dressing up as cartoon characters and super heroes.

I prefer creative costumes that involve me piecing things together to find the perfect mix. Here’s a look at my past costumes:

Halloween 2009: Harley Quinn

Halloween 2008: Jessica Rabbit & a Mad Hatter (a very drunk one)

In 2007 I was an array of characters including a school girl, Edie Sedgwick, and Alice in Wonderland. In 2006 I was two versions of Marilyn Munroe. Sadly, I have no images of these years that I can currently find.

I do, however, have images of other times I have dressed up for photoshoots or just for fun!

My friend and I as Lady GaGa this past September…

As a Lucha Dora wrestler with JeselynOnline in July…

As Lil’ Red Riding Hood, on the set of BEG (2009)


This year? I’m planning to utilize my hair color and body and go for a pin up Wilma Flintstone. Be sure to be on the look out for when the pictures surface! What are all of you going to be!? I seriously would love to know, so comment with your costume and maybe even a picture?!