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Tennessee Photo Diary

20130528-171238.jpg20130528-171327.jpgtake me back, take me back!!
Seriously, this trip was one of the best ever. We drove through the Appalachian mountains and then the smokey mountains, which are breathtaking. If I wasn’t such a city girl and silence didn’t scare me I’d kill to live with such a gorgeous view!
Once we arrived in Nashville (and the most adorably quaint bed and breakfast) it was straight to [gourmet] pizza at City House, which with it’s infamous pizza and eloquent drinks, was the bomb dot com. 20130528-171427.jpg20130528-173047.jpgDay two began at Mad Donna’s in East Nashville with cap’n’crunch french toast (yumm!), while the majority of sunshine was spent in the dry town of lynchburg, TN, exploring the land of Jack Daniel. Definitely both mine and the boy’s favorite part of the trip; in the barrel house the scent of whiskey was so pure and strong you could TASTE IT.

Ofcourse, we had to spend a night in downtown Nashville going to honky tonk’s. It was definitely an experience that I’m glad we did, but we both agree we could go the rest of our lives never going to another honky tonk.
20130528-171526.jpg20130528-171610.jpg20130528-171740.jpg20130528-172912.jpgWe began day 3 attempting to get into Fido’s; a notoriously delicious brunch spot that offered tofu scramble, but a two hour wait? No thanks; we ventured next door to Jackson Bar and Bistro and it was the best decision. Scrambled eggs on a biscuit served with hot and sour sauce!? SO YUM. And a breakfast drink of bourbon and pineapple juice? Ayayayayay! Feeling buzzed, a lengthy walk ensued to Centennial Park and The Parthenon, which is gorgeous and makes me want to travel to Greece to see the Real Deal!20130528-172955.jpg

We made our way to The Hermitage, only to find out the admission price was absurdly high (research before you go places, guys!!) so we bought some souvenirs and headed back to our favorite little neighborhood of East Nashville for some thrifting. 20130528-171851.jpgDid I mention the bed and breakfast had urban chickens!?? Wearing my coveted Ella Moss dress!20130528-171951.jpg20130528-172738.jpgOur final day began at an East Nashville diner spot called Sky Blue, which seemed to be the only good breakfast place open on Memorial Day! It was decently good, and I loved that they supplied you with the adorably mini bottles of Cava for your mimosa!We ventured downtown to Jack White’s Record Studio and Store, then to Marathon Village before heading on our lengthy trek home. 20130528-173134.jpg20130528-172822.jpg20130528-172126.jpg
What Do you think of my trip!? There were definitely more photos but I didn’t want to bombard you all! Also, in case you noticed, it’s hard to be vegan in the south, but there were a few places that offered vegan options like the aforementioned Fido’s, as well as BBQ tofu at Drifter’s in East Nasvhille, and The Wild Cow in the similar neighborhood! Also noteworthy, Taco Mamacita near Music City area has an entire vegan menu which includes jerk plantains in place of meat, HOLY YUM!
Also, if you’re traveling to Nashville, or anywhere really, we used AirBnB.com and it was a great experience! Anyone looking for a place in Nashville should check out where we stayed!

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