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Saturday Festivities:The Last of Summer

20130923-115211.jpgThis past Saturday I awoke at 8am, ready to start a productive, fun filled last hurrah of summer! I wanted to check out the Brooklyn transplant of my favorite Flea Market’s second weekend in DC, District Flea, as well as make my rounds at my neighborhood’s festival, H street Fest. All this before proposed rain and a work shift at 3:30? I’m crazy, I know.
After energizing with croissants at our fave local bakery, Batter Bowl Bakery, we made our way on the Metro towards the flea market. With flocking groups of people it was easy to find. We perused the booths, taste tested spicy things and macarons, tried out jackets and tried out couches, all before hitting up the highly anticipated food lines. I’d been told Chaya DC’s vegetarian tacos were a must, and I’m so glad we tried them! The kale was both of our favorites over the summer squash. Pumpking beer was a perfect fall beverage to drink the tacos down with, though I advise no one to ever look up the caloric content; EVER. 20130923-120057.jpgcoastersmacs20130923-120734.jpg20130923-120825.jpg20130923-120847.jpgI left district flea with a bottle of delicious local hot sauce and the most perfect fitting denim jacket that I just could not say no to. Hilariously enough, it’s a little boys size 16, but really who cares if it looks good!?

Back on H street the clouds had started to roll in but everybody was out having a good time. We had been warned that our favorite local bakery, the aforementioned Batter Bowl Bakery, would have cronuts, so we made a beeline for their tent as I handed them my card for the 3rd time in 24 hours.20130923-121309.jpgTaking this photo was torturous heaven; the man of my dreams holding the coveted holy grail of pastries… And then, we ate it. I let Z have that top layer (I don’t like chocolate) and then we split the rest. It was buttery, doughy…good…yet I had imagined it to be slightly crispier and flakier.
I left this adventure just before the rain came down; perfect timing!

Does your neighborhood have flea markets or block parties? Have you ever tried a cronut!?

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