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Time’s Been Ticking, Hearts are Running

lately color seems so bright
and the stars light up the night
my feet they feel so light

This summer has been much like last, as I fall into a routine of life. While this summer has been free of the stress of buying, renovating, and moving into a house, it has been full of vacations, sunny beach days, and beautiful brunches. Another tradition I’m growing fond of is visiting the Fashion Camp at Capitol Hill Arts Workshop . Similar to last year, I chatted about the fashion industry and blogosphere to impressionable young budding bloggers. This year’s group have their own blog, Lucy The Mannequin, where they are chronicling the curation and design of their own 6 piece collections, daily field trips, and daily outfit musings. After discussing my personal history with fashion and my blog we “market meandered” to Capitol Hill’s famed Eastern Market for lemonade and a lesson in posing.

 The girls coincidentally wore pink florals to the tastes of their own style and adhering to current trends. I loved J’s high-waisted applique shorts and E’s printed kimono top. They amped up the looks with the details; J playing in to her hipster gypsy with layered rings and bracelets and E going a little southern with cropped cowboy boots.

As for me I embraced a “glam professional” persona; silky lightweight culottes with a crisp button down and costumed pearls.

I was so inspired by these girls and so honored to be able to chat with them about my experiences! To see more of E and J’s looks, be sure to check out their blog Lucy the Mannequin.

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What We Do In The Darkness Will Come To Light

Even in the dead of night,
If we can make it to the morning,
We can get things right.

With NYFW upon us I retire to my own bedroom, not a hotel room amidst a concrete jungle. Another year of spending the week not making the pilgrimage to Lincoln Center and avoiding all that has become the “peacocking” of Fashion Week. If I were to attend, though, you’d bet your butt I’d be in a uniform like this one of cozy velvet culottes, a warmth-enhancing turtleneck and a statement coat, perusing the newest collections in the most professional of ways. In reality, I’ll be working my real job in fashion, staying warm and snowless, and prepping for my upcoming trip. Here’s hoping South Africa Fashion Week is less of a zoo of observant, hungry passionates and more of serious sartorial business work.

Uniqlo HeatTech turtleneck
Necklace c/o Current Boutique
Culottes by Nicole Farhi

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