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Designer Spotlight: American Retro

While everyone is on that Fashion Week grind I’m over here, cozy in my home office and out and about in my styling day job. Skipping out on NYFW is becoming more and more okay with me, because as I tweeted, “The only real reason to attend #nyfw anymore is to network.” but I’ll catch that bus the next time around.
But hey, just because I’m not Front Row’ing it, doesn’t mean I’m out of the designer previews! On my last visit to NYC I checked out American Retro. Contradictory to it’s name-sake, this edgy Parisian brand is full of high quality, modern, aesthetically appealing design. Playing off the Effortless Cool menage of blending that our nation’s style has become known for, this collection boasts plenty of sequins to play off of soft ribbed knits and solid cotton. These Parisians have mastered the current American trends of pastel hues, fringed leather and suede, and a dash of glitter in a way that makes you want to see it on all our favorite style stars. From urban mused bold prints to southern-charming tassels and cacti, there’s something for everyone to mix and mash with denim basics and any sort of jewelry, as we ought to do.

Seriously, I can just picture Rihanna and Cara Delevigne in anything and everything from this collection. Personally I’m into the mermaid-colored pink sequins and the gold ribbed midi pencil skirt; c’est chic! The gingham pieces? SO Blake Lively. the Suede fringed moto jacket I can see on blogging queen Chiara Ferragni…the list goes on and on, but this collection and brand is one to watch.

Be sure to check out more from the American Retro FALL collection here !

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Designer Spotlight: Sheena Trivedi

Que Sera Sahra interviews Designer Sheena Trivedi in her NYC studio
With the brand tagline “traditional inspiration and modern interpretation” it’s clear that the Sheena Trivedi brand is a unique fusion of her Indian heritage and NYC lifestyle. Her apparel, fused with bold colors, hand embroidered fabrics, and the softest leathers, combine her love of The City and her Western background. With a recently launched jewelry collection as well, the collection comes together with spikes and edge. Below, find my interview where I delve into her inspirations and goals for her brand!
NYC designer Sheena Trivedi
NYC designer Sheena Trivedi
NYC designer Sheena Trivedi
NYC designer Sheena Trivedi
Who is Sheena Trivedi and how did the brand begin?
I was previously a buyer for Saks and a personal shopper and stylist. 2 years ago, in September 2012, ST began as a way to fuse my Indian decent with my own style.
What is your design philosophy?
“Don’t follow a trend, be a trend”. Also, the aesthetic philosophy of “less is more” to embrace subtly bold styles that aren’t in your face.
Where do you find your inspiration?
Everywhere. With twice yearly trips to India, I’m inspired by the Bollywood culture, food, and music. I have dresses in my collections inspired by sari’s but without the lengthy fabric to make for easier wearing. I like using brocade too. I’m also inspired by my mother, an accessory designer.
Who do you envision in your wears? Who is yoQue Sera Sahra in Sheena Trivediur ideal customer?
Women and men who take risks and think outside of the box. Jet setters from all over the world who go from day to night. Versatile styled people.
What are your goals for Sheena Trivedi? One year, five years, eventually?
My goal has always been to open my own store, in NYc, New Delhi, and hopefully Paris. It would carry my own line as well as emerging designers. I want to be an international brand but NYC based.
What is your biggest accomplishment so far?
To be working on my fifth collection right now. So many brands don’t last long or make it far. Also, being sold in many states, as well as being worn by Miss Universe, Miss USA, Miss Teen USA, and congresswomen.
You have apparel and jewelry, any plans to expand further?
Yes! I eventually want to do it all; mens, womens, shoes…
What are your favorite pieces from the recent collections?
For spring and summer I love the color blocked linen jackets. For Fall/Winter I was loving skulls and had some subtly embroidered into the dresses. I also love the feathered tops, all hand made.
Where can people find/follow/buy Sheena Trivedi?
Online, at Sheena Trivedi.com. We’re sold in a handful of stores nationwide (The Webster (Miami), Jeffrey (Atlanta and New York), Engle Shop (Englewood, NJ), and Maxfield (Los Angeles)). Twitter. Facebook. Instagram.
NYC designer Sheena Trivedi

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Go Local withMeInto!

Due to the recession, a major focus has been placed on more local businesses. As consumers, especially in the slowly drowning fashion business, we need to do our part to support smaller businesses.

One online website is completely revolutionizing how we can do this. MeInto brings local boutiques’ merchandise to consumers across the world! On the site you can view apparel by style, boutique, and location. Not only do they have womenswear, they also have accessories, some KILLER jewelry, menswear, and childrenswear.

Here are my favorite pics from their current women’s collections:

Striped Biker Jacket $60 fromUmgee

Blue Dress $56 from Lush

Sequin Jacket $249 from Betsy Moss

As you can see, they’re very on trend with the sheer maxis and leather accents.

These boutiques, and the site, carry hundreds of different brands, and is a great all in one place to find both classic vintage pieces, and newer top brands like J Brand and Miss Me. Right now, they are also having free shipping! Take advantage, and if you’re looking for some great more formal dresses, check there first and support local business!

Also, even greater news; MeInto is doing a Facebook giveaway and YOU could win a $1000 wardrobe! Like their page, upload a video, and good luck!

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Cynthia Vincent

On one humid NYC spring day, Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent hosted their Summer launch at their SoHo flagship store. With the help of blogger Saucy Glossie and her avid readers and other NYC bloggers,the night and event was a great success.

Pictured with Saucy Glossie, Yanil of The New Yorker Style, and Stephanie of Kitschy.Tumblr.com

Wearing a dress from Target with shoes from Bakers. I had also been wearing my favored cream blazer from Forever 21, but the spring humidity deemed it unfit to keep on all day/evening.

I played dress up for a bit, in some great pieces from the Cynthia Vincent new collection, as seen below. I was definitely channeling my inner angelic side with these soft muted colors.

The pink dress was handed to me, told it’d look great on me and I must agree. It draped perfectly overly my self proclaimed awkwardly proportioned body. Though I love it, I think I’ll be heading back for the sheer blouse first; the asymmetrical hem is so on par with the current trends and would go well over a bolder bustier for subtle sexiness.

Now, for a few more images from the night:

How AMAZING are these sandals? The color/dye jobs are perfect.

The entire line is full of versatile styles and prints; good for classy day wear as well as boho chic inspired whilst being possible to by punked out or girlified. Or, for lack of better words, perfect for my wardrobe.  If any of that makes sense.

Anyway, be sure to check out the site here, or if you’re in NYC pop on by to their SoHo location at 253 Elizabeth Street between Houston and Prince.

Also, here are a few images I scanned from their lookbook!

Hope you enjoyed the post and don’t forget to check out my giveaway here!!

Safe Style

The most important thing you can wear as a savvy fashionista who loves to have fun is… A CONDOM. Sure, they seem silly, unfashionable, inconvenient, especially with those trashy NYC Subway condoms haunting you, but I’ve come to let you know how much fun and FASHIONABLE condoms can be!

First off, let’s start with name brand; both Chanel and Marc Jacobs sell condoms. The Marc Jacobs come in an adorable matchbook type package with lovey dovey stick figures on them. Price? $1.50 each, to protect in style. Chanel is slightly pricier, at $279 per 12 pack of condoms. But, c’mon, who doesn’t want Chanel condoms!? The packaging bears the iconic Chanel logo with text stating “FOR USE BY TRENDY SLUTS”. You don’t get much cooler than that.

Sex and Sundhed Condoms/Packaging

While these designers are the only ones marketably promoting safer sex, there are also fabulous packages by lesser brands that make you still just want to grab for a rubber! Denmark company Sex & Sundhed has a package of 3 condoms that come in fun packaging that, when empty, spell out “No More Sex”. They will ship to our fair country, and you can buy these puppies at www.sexogsundhed.dk .

Moving on to something more guy friendly, the condom gun. While this ingenious packaging is still in the conceptual stages, I know a number of us are waiting for it to hit the shelves. The gun is a white plastic gun with the script “Rubber for Lover” artfully on the barrel. The condom itself goes in place of bullets in the cartridge.

For more info on this potential product, click here: http://nerdapproved.com/misc-gadgets/condom-gun-a-loaded-gun-for-your-loaded-weapon/ 

Now that you’re educated, go have some fabulous, frivolous, and fashionably fun sex! YAY SEX!

Gaultier A Go-Go?

Avant Garde guru Jean Paul Gaultier has recently come out with an endorsed line for one of our favorite stores, Target. While Gaultier’s lustable designs have been worn by our favorite fashionistas like Lady Gaga and Rihanna, are they really ready for the masses?

Jean Paul Gaultier Spring/Summer 2010 Runway Highlights

Being a lover of Gaultier and Target, I have heavily inspecting this line. As I saw the dresses and tops in magazines, they looked fabulous. They appeared to be of higher quality than the normal Merona and  Xhiliration found at the establishment. The fabric seemed more high end, though heavily subdued compared to the usual Gaultier fashions, but still a notch above Target brands.

Lady Gaga in 4 Gaultier designs at the VMA's

Upon first in-store appearance, I notice the colors, which are very middle-class friendly; more subdued tones like yellow, black, and white are all over this line. Budget fashionista and close friend, Aleia, describes the clothes as “very beautiful, floral, whispy summer clothes. Gorgeous fashion for a steal”.
Okay, so the colors, season, and price are right for the consumer, but c’mon. It’s supposed to be Jean Paul Gaultier. Once I delved more into my fashionably judgemental mind, I realized what these clothes WEREN’T. When I first heard “Gaultier for Target” I was ecstatic and hoping for structural and potentially risque apparel of a thicker material than normally found at Target. Maybe some condensed wool and cotton… Instead, I was appalled to find flimsy faux chiffon and 80% Cotton. Also, I found the online collection to be very Ed Hardy meets Graphic tees and maybe a hint of Gaultier’s flair. While its nice and perfect for summer, these clothes won’t last more than a season.

4 looks from the Gaultier for Target Lookbook

Normally, designers collaborate with bargain and chain stores to gain customers and bring high quality to these thrifty customers so that, if given more money, would spend it on the full priced line. I don’t believe Gaultier has accomplished this with this collaboration line.

But that’s just my opinion, and everyone is entitled to their own. So come and share! What are your thoughts/opinions?


(L to R) Audrey Kitching, Raquel Reed, Jeffree Star, Lady GaGa

Colored hair has made its rise from the streets to the runways of the hottest fashion designers. Ten years ago a person with green hair was heavily frowned upon and probably the one getting tattooed and sharing heroine needles, or so would be presumed.

Three years ago, Juicy Couture featured old ladies donning pink, purple, blue, and yellow hair for their spring ad for their signature fragrance, alongside a heavily tattooed (and SUPER hot, might I add) male model. Last spring, TeenVogue showcased girls with hot pink and teal streaks in their hair. Teenage “role models” and “scene superstars” Raquel Reed and Audrey Kitching are well known for their Teal and Pink hair, respectively and even have helped these girls land modeling jobs with more alternative couture companies. Even Lady Gaga was seen with bright yellow hair in her Telephone video.

This season, bold locks are on more high fashion runways and models than ever before, and I can tell this trend isn’t slowing downsoon!

Now, why should you try out this trend? #1, you’re young. you’re allowed to experiment and have fun. Also, its just about summer. If you’re not working in an office or high end place where you need to be 100% presentable then try it out! You don’t have to go and bleach and dye, but there are semi permanent and wash out alternatives as well!

Credit to Greg Easton Photography

I personally dyed my hair about 4 different crazy colors within the past year, as well as receiving tons of advice from how to get that perfect color permanently or to wash out.
If you want to go for a permanent, my trusting hair Guru friend Celsa suggests a specialist. They will know where to get that perfect dye and how long to leave it on for, as well as how to guide you into the proper care for your newly colored tresses. Celsa also says that Pravana Chroma Silk is the best and most trusted among professionals and comes in a large array of favorable shades and colors. Sadly, this lust worthy dye is only purchase able by pros. For more about this and other permanent dyes, check out Celsa’s blog at www.projectjayneriot.tumblr.com

Now, semi permanent is more my forte. If you have dark hair, be sure to bleach it first. Trust me on this one, bleach is your friend. You’ll need developer, the bleach powder, and a non metal bowl and mixing spoon. Supposedly you’re not supposed to apply it to your scalp, but I’ve never suffered from it. After you’ve bleached your hair to a pale blonde or white if you’re lucky with healthy hair, you’re ready to add color! I prefer to use Manic Panic or Raw, found at Hot Topic or Sally’s Beauty supply. Teal is really pretty, as is purple. Be careful with red, as it fades quickly to a pink so you should stock up if you want to keep it radiantly red.

if you’re not into bleaching and ruining your hair, there are still alternatives.

image from PhotoBucket.com

Sally’s Beauty supply, as well as Wal Mart I hear, has hair mascara. They are wands of color to apply to your hair for a streak affect. Much better looking than gross spray in hair color we all used to use for Halloween and spirit day!

For those of you who fear ruining and adding products to your hair, Sally’s and Hot Topic both carry colored clip in extensions. I’ve used them, but you have to make sure they are hidden and are clipped in securely.