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Lush Cosmetics

For those of you who don’t know, Lush’s much anticipated cosmetics line “Emotional Brilliance” just launched! As a frequent shopper at Lush I’d been waiting for this to arrive since they unveiled their concealers and foundations. I was also ecstatic that they’re all made with vegan ingredients and way brighter than I could have imagined.

So, coming in to the beauty counter the sales representative begins with a color reading. I pick out the first 3 colors that catch my eye and am explained the emotional meaning behind my choosings.

I’m explained that I’m feeling secure in my own skin, craving being in charge, and I’ll get that when I feel calm. Eerily true considering how I am confident in myself but sick of living in the chaos of my parents’ home.

Next up comes the fun part, trying on the colors! They’re all very hyper pigmented so I figured I’d do something fun and bold. I started with “Dynamic” as my eyeshadow, which went on as smooth as butter and dried quickly and evenly. I then used my “Calm” blue as eyeliner, and dabbed on some “Strong” as lipstick, which reminded me of my all time favorite YSL I have at home. Finished off with a swipe of “Eyes Right” mascara and voila! I was in love. Also, I was informed that because all the colors are made of the same materials and are basically all the same cream, they’re pretty much interusable as liners, shadows, and lipsticks; and at $22.95 for 8oz of product, it’s really not that bad of a deal!

Now, I was wary the color would fade or bleed, but after hours more, a rain storm and a nerf gun fight, the colors were still bright as day. They remind me of a vegan, creamier version of Sephora’s Make up Forever line.

Have you tried the Lush Cosmetics line? What did you think?

*this was not a sponsored post*

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