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Self Date Sunday: The Luck O’ The Irish

Irish Moor Mud Mask by Peter Thomas Roth

Last weekend Z and I took to the mall for some shopping. I’m finally starting to convince him to get a jump on the christmas shopping we have to do. Anyway, while there we took a quick trip into Sephora. I’m getting really into skin/face treatments these days in preparation for (beginning to age) skin. We were planning to pick up some of our favorite Origins Active Charcoal Mask. Among a whole wall of Sephora’s Favorite we found Peter Thomas Roth’s Irish Moor Mud mask. While more than double the price, we were intrigued, especially since we had just been discussing a potential trip to Ireland! We bought it and headed home for a little date-in. We opened a bottle of wine from our trip to South Africa and applied the mask to our needy faces.

Irish Moor Mud Mask
Irish Moor Mud Mask

What I loved about this mask was it’s thickness; I love a thick mud or charcoal mask that really feels like it’s getting deep into my pores. The smell wasn’t too chemical.

The only negative was that upon first application it stung. Like a trooper, I stuck it out and within about 5 minutes the feeling subsided.

I left it on for the suggested time and took it off with a warm wash cloth. My face ended up feeling clean and fresh after.
Irish Moor Mud Mask

All in All, we may have a new favorite face mask. Who would have thought a thick Irish mud would be the cure-all to our dry, winter skin?!

Want to try this mask out yourself? Buy it here!

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Self Date Sunday: Chesapeake Beach Salon + Spa

It’s winter; the harsh cold and winds have our skin dry, lacking vitamins and moisture, our face’s whiplashed into flakes. While at-home spa treatments (and the thought of the low temperatures keeping you from wanting to leave your house) can be effective, there’s nothing quite like getting yourself out and getting the professional treatment. When I was approached by local CB Salon + Spa to come in for a relaxation day I was ecstatic. I took a day trip to the scenic beach side town (really, there’s nothing so heart-thumping as seeing the sea side, even in 25 degree temps) and indulged myself.

After changing out of my cold weather layers and into the quintessential fuzzy robe it was time to begin. I headed into a red lit chamber where I lay undressed in a shallow tub. I received what the CB Spa calls the “vichy scrub”; a full body exfoliating scrub and rinse which eliminates dry skin and soothes it with warm water and lavender soap and moisturizer. HELLO HEAVEN.

Next up it was time for my facial. I relaxed with soothing sounds, layers (and I mean layerS) of exfoliates, lotions, and warm towel wraps immersed in massaging shoulders. It was bliss. And all of a sudden it was three hours later; time flies by when you’re eyes are closed and your body is getting it’s highest form of self-date love.

Fresh faced and smooth bodied I reluctantly made my way to the beverage bar and on to the changing room to return to the real world, not ready to confront the freezing world outside. Thankfully, my body stayed smooth for days after, and my face literally glowed (as compliments at work let on).

More about the Chesapeake Beach Resort and Spa: it’s one of the top wedding destinations on the Eastern Shore (meaning if you’re getting married and want a gorgeous white-sand beach without the trip to the Bahamas, you can head there) (not that I’m looking either but hey), and the salon gets pretttty crazy around wedding season, Mother’s Day, and other warm-weather holidays. With such generous and exceptional staff, it’s hard not to want to treat yourself and those you love to such luxury.

Have you ever had a spa day? If you’re a DC/MD/VA resident I highly suggest the day trip to Chesapeake Beach for the salon; it’s worth the trip and the exiting of the city for the relaxing sea side!

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this post is sponsored by the CB Salon and Spa

Self Date Sunday: Nugg Facial

https://i0.wp.com/1b40d7834cd36cb17272-d318e241556db478f2443eab8244ec10.r48.cf2.rackcdn.com/987fcac44269666933e9b73bfdfbb46ca8b815b1_600.jpgThis week’s Self Date Sunday is a fun one! Over the summer I teamed up with Nugg Beauty to try out their line of various face masks. Over the course of the last few weeks I’ve tried them out sporadically, when the stresses of life would get to me and my skin needed some TLC. After a week of four planes, 5 states, two drunken nights, and much stress (don’t mind my acne, I really needed the Nugg Love), I needed to use the deep cleansing one (my favorite). Infused with cucumber, this light calming face mask is a great skin soother.

Nugg Beauty Facial Self Date

 Oh, hello Butch! Easy as pie, and as you can tell in these un-photoshopped photos, my skin was instantly visibly better.


Now, for the fun part! I’ve got a few extra facials ready to go to a new home…so that means it’s giveaway time! Be sure to enter on my InstaGram today through Wednesday to win!

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