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Just Create and Hold On Tight to The Light Inside

This will only get harder
When we’re not afraid of fighting with honor
It’s our time to feel alive

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I’d been feeling like I was losing my edge; this conservative city taking too much hold of me. So I threw on a more edgy outfit and called it a day. I love this sweater dress, mostly because it’s cozy cashmere, but also that it’s in the on-trend “orchid” that’s been announced as the color of the year! I paired it with an edgy beanie and fringe, leather and studs. I hate to feel as if I’m losing myself, so looks like this help keep me grounded in my personal style.
What do YOU do when you feel yourself drifting away from what you consider your unique qualities?
I throw on some good ol’ early ought pop-punk and read NylonMag to get back to my roots.
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Ralph Lauren dress via TARI
Zara booties
DIY Beanie
Bag from Fall River Leather

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Cuz Every second is a chance to change your life
So here’s to second chances

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Welcome, July

Summer time and the livin’s easy, right? Rung in July poolside with plenty of good food and my family.


Target bikini
DIY vintage Levi shorts
Misfits tee from Hot Topic
Bag from Fall River Bag Outlet

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Outlet Shopping

Spent the day yesterday at the Wrentham Village Premium Outlets with my family, wandering around the fabulous stores oggling the cheap prices. Once upon a time I, as a teenager, worked in these outlets, but things have changed a bit since then, and so have my tastes and I; which I’m fully thankful for. I now pay attention to different stores than I did back then. For example, there’s a Saks outlet, Barney’s outlet, BCBG, Banana Republic, Guess, and newly added Bloomingdale’s! Compared to back then when all I cared for was Nine West, PacSun, Zumiez, and HotTopic. I was ecstatic when poking around I found an Alexander Wang sweater on sale for $129 in the Barney’s outlet. Ofcourse, that’s still above my budget, but it’s plausible with some thought out saving.
Anyway, the point of the day was to get out of the house, enjoy the sunshine and some fashion, and I definitely did!

Zoah Designs tank
Forever 21 shorts
Target bangles

Forever 21 necklace
Bag from the Fall River Bag Outlet

Liz Claiborne hat
shoes from Mystique Boutique SoHo

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