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You Got Me Losing Every Breath

What did you give me, to make my heart beat out my chest.

Que Sera Sahra edgy style blogger
Blogger Sahra with students of CHAW Fashion Camp
A while ago I agreed to speak to a group of fashion camp students over the summer through the local Capitol Hill Arts Workshop. As that day drew near, anxiety arose; I’d spoken about fashion and blogging before, but never to such impressionable young minds. What should I wear? What should I discuss? What will they be most interested in? I decided to distract myself with the easiest task; what to wear. I wanted to be relatable, yet trendy. While heels and full skirts would be perfect for a meeting of this caliber with a group of adults, I found it may have been intimidating for tweenagers, so I knew I wanted to opt for sneakers. With the trainer trend in full effect I knew that was what I was ready to try, but how? My only non-chucks are a bold teal hue with silver and white, an in your face pair. A calm and simple ensemble would go best, so black and white dress it was, topped with an edgy earring and matching satchel.

I showed up ready to discuss my passion, and thankfully so did the CHAW students. With questions abound and each with their own sartorial flare, we discussed my background, what goes into running my blog, what inspires me and them, and more. I let them choose the locations for the shots and they even chose the song for today’s post! The girls chose a skate park to shoot in nearby a lush, full park. Each girl got her chance in front of the camera to show off her look and style just like I do here on the regular!
Que Sera Sahra edgy style blogger
Que Sera Sahra edgy style blogger
Capitol Hill Arts Workshop Fashion Camp students
Que Sera Sahra edgy style blogger
Que Sera Sahra edgy style blogger

Thrifted dress via Saver’s Value Village
Reebok sneakers
Bag c/o Francesca’s Collection
Que Sera Sahra edgy style blogger
Blogger Sahra at Fashion Camp
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