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Glove Love

Fingerless gloves have slowly been popping up as a spring must-have accessory. From leather to lace (oh, how I adore thee), these finger banger ready glovelettes are ready to party.

I did my research, and found an array of leather and lace fingerless gloves on the market.   Asos.com has a large number of fabulous gloves, from leopard print to pyramid studded, and many in between.


These pretty babies can only be found online at www.asos.com and run from $26 for the animal print, up to $130 for some of the more intricate leather styles. Most of the simpler, knuckle bearing styles are around $85.

Some more lustworthy fingerless gloves come from NY based designer Lauren Urstadt. Her designs run a pretty dollar; my favorite style (gunmetal chain-fringed leather fingerless gloves) are $155, while her simpler, I don’t even think they’re considered gloves, but fingerless V-chain ‘gloves’  are about $115.  They are cute though, and come in white, black, and leopard!

images from shop.laurenurstadtny.com

Really, you’re paying for beauty with this line. Where to find them if you’ve got the cash? shop.laurenusrtadt.com ofcourse, but the line is also available at select retailers including Henri Bendel’s, Intermix, and Arth Soho in New York, Matsu of Boston, as well as locations in a few other major cities in Colorade, Maine, and Illinois. Check out LaurenUrstadt.com for a full list!
Another note worthy designer for fingerless gloves is the amazing Patricia Field. This Sex and the City, crazy outgoing designer has created some of the most famous ‘out there’ looks, so ofcourse she puts her own twist on the style.  While her simple lace fingerless gloves are a reasonable $10, she has “easyrider knuckle-bearing leather gloves” for $30, which are great quality. Pat Field’s also has embellished styles. My fave? “Cherry Spiziked Half Gloves” and “Cone Studded Half Gloves”, which both run for $88. but ohemgee, howww cute?

images from PatriciaField.com

You can rock on with those puppies any day or night!
Okay, now let’s talk cheap alternatives. Forever 21 carries lace fingerless gloves in black and pink for under $5, but remember these will rip and run if not treated nicely, but hey, that could be a good look! Aldo and TopShop both carry knuckle bearing leather gloves for about $16, TopShop also carrying a thicker pair for $32 (great quality though!) Tripp NYC always has fingerless gloves, knit, leather, and lace, available at Hot Topic, for all my suburban followers, for about $10 a set.

image from spiritualcramp.tumblr.com

How to rock them? I suggest using them to jazz up a simple outfit; blue jeans, white tee or tank. Or a solid mini and a leather jacket. I tthink it looks best if you try to contrast different polar opposites; for example, wear lace gloves with leather, docs, and metal jewelry and accents. Or wear the leather ones with a lace top or dress. Play it up and don’t forget to have fun and make it your own!