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Mourning Glory

As previously stated, my grandfather recently passed. I didn’t have much “warmer” black clothes, so I made due with a thrifted maxi skirt and BCBG dress over top and was astounded with how fashionable it looked, though it wasn’t meant to. For warmth I had my Alice Yim NY cocoon cardigan, and my Grass jacket from Macy’s.

Here are some photos, for your enjoyment!

For such a sad day, I looked well, and received many compliments. Apparently, though I felt like a disappointment, my GeeGee (grandfather) praised me as his successful, eldest granddaughter living and thriving in New York City.

Needless to say, he will be sorely missed. Thanks for all of your support, by the way readers, during my tough time.

Funerals and Cemetaries

I just got back from Pennsylvania yesterday, where I spent a week visiting family, ancestral gravesites, and going to my Grandmother’s funeral. I tried to be fashionable while respectful and took a few photos just for the blog…

The siblings and I. I’m wearing an H&M dress, which I LOVE and was the best $18 purchase I’d made in a long time.

Wearing Express shorts, Target Tee, my favorite Peter Grimm hat, aviators from a sale in Montauk, NY. Shoes by Elle and bracelet made by me!

The fabulous and grungy city of Reading, Pennsylvania.

and now I leave you with a picture of my sun made freckles 🙂