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Gaultier A Go-Go?

Avant Garde guru Jean Paul Gaultier has recently come out with an endorsed line for one of our favorite stores, Target. While Gaultier’s lustable designs have been worn by our favorite fashionistas like Lady Gaga and Rihanna, are they really ready for the masses?

Jean Paul Gaultier Spring/Summer 2010 Runway Highlights

Being a lover of Gaultier and Target, I have heavily inspecting this line. As I saw the dresses and tops in magazines, they looked fabulous. They appeared to be of higher quality than the normal Merona and  Xhiliration found at the establishment. The fabric seemed more high end, though heavily subdued compared to the usual Gaultier fashions, but still a notch above Target brands.

Lady Gaga in 4 Gaultier designs at the VMA's

Upon first in-store appearance, I notice the colors, which are very middle-class friendly; more subdued tones like yellow, black, and white are all over this line. Budget fashionista and close friend, Aleia, describes the clothes as “very beautiful, floral, whispy summer clothes. Gorgeous fashion for a steal”.
Okay, so the colors, season, and price are right for the consumer, but c’mon. It’s supposed to be Jean Paul Gaultier. Once I delved more into my fashionably judgemental mind, I realized what these clothes WEREN’T. When I first heard “Gaultier for Target” I was ecstatic and hoping for structural and potentially risque apparel of a thicker material than normally found at Target. Maybe some condensed wool and cotton… Instead, I was appalled to find flimsy faux chiffon and 80% Cotton. Also, I found the online collection to be very Ed Hardy meets Graphic tees and maybe a hint of Gaultier’s flair. While its nice and perfect for summer, these clothes won’t last more than a season.

4 looks from the Gaultier for Target Lookbook

Normally, designers collaborate with bargain and chain stores to gain customers and bring high quality to these thrifty customers so that, if given more money, would spend it on the full priced line. I don’t believe Gaultier has accomplished this with this collaboration line.

But that’s just my opinion, and everyone is entitled to their own. So come and share! What are your thoughts/opinions?