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Safe Style

The most important thing you can wear as a savvy fashionista who loves to have fun is… A CONDOM. Sure, they seem silly, unfashionable, inconvenient, especially with those trashy NYC Subway condoms haunting you, but I’ve come to let you know how much fun and FASHIONABLE condoms can be!

First off, let’s start with name brand; both Chanel and Marc Jacobs sell condoms. The Marc Jacobs come in an adorable matchbook type package with lovey dovey stick figures on them. Price? $1.50 each, to protect in style. Chanel is slightly pricier, at $279 per 12 pack of condoms. But, c’mon, who doesn’t want Chanel condoms!? The packaging bears the iconic Chanel logo with text stating “FOR USE BY TRENDY SLUTS”. You don’t get much cooler than that.

Sex and Sundhed Condoms/Packaging

While these designers are the only ones marketably promoting safer sex, there are also fabulous packages by lesser brands that make you still just want to grab for a rubber! Denmark company Sex & Sundhed has a package of 3 condoms that come in fun packaging that, when empty, spell out “No More Sex”. They will ship to our fair country, and you can buy these puppies at www.sexogsundhed.dk .

Moving on to something more guy friendly, the condom gun. While this ingenious packaging is still in the conceptual stages, I know a number of us are waiting for it to hit the shelves. The gun is a white plastic gun with the script “Rubber for Lover” artfully on the barrel. The condom itself goes in place of bullets in the cartridge.

For more info on this potential product, click here: http://nerdapproved.com/misc-gadgets/condom-gun-a-loaded-gun-for-your-loaded-weapon/ 

Now that you’re educated, go have some fabulous, frivolous, and fashionably fun sex! YAY SEX!