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Hump Day Dupes

Remember when I asked you followers if you wanted to write for a new budget-lifestyle website? Some of you responded and are now on my team, but for those who don’t know, there’s a new website you NEED to check out.
I started UnderEmployed Fashionistas with my pal Alisse, hoping to bring fashion, beauty, and advice to all the “underemployed” ladies out there. One of the things I have been in charge of, alongside my Editor-In-Chief duties, has been putting together a weekly list of designer knock offs I’ve started calling Hump Day Dupes. The series is in it’s third week currently, but I figured I’d cross post to here so all you lovely folks can enjoy the cheapest and chicest in non-designer-but-looks-like-designer styles.
kenzoKenzo has recently been on the up and up of the fashion blogger wardrobe scene. But these runway designer duds are not even fathomably affordable for us savvy savers! SheInside, one of the top “dupes” websites (as you may have noticed in previous posts) knocks off the ready-to-wear staple, which costs almost $650, for only $31.48. Score the dupe HERE and get ready to impress, as only the keenest eye will be able to tell the difference between these duds!
balenciage bootsA fashion staple, at least in the bloggosphere of fashion forward ladies, are the Balenciaga Ceinture High Derby, or more commonly: cut out boots. A little bit of edge; or, well, a lot of edge, as well as a lot of fun and comfort due to no heel. At nearly $1,300 though, these shoes are only for the elite and/or gifted. Jeffrey Campbell immediately noticed a need for a cheaper version and created their Coltrane Boots for $1000 less. But Alas, some of us with a serious budget still can’t afford almost $300 for even the most covetable of styles. So, I introduce you to the Qupid Valiant; coming in at $40 these are what we call affordable! Buy the cheap dupes here on Amazon and embrace your rocker cool side!dgChannel your inner Carrie Bradshaw with this current trend! Dolce and Gabbana rolled this beautiful full tulle midi skirt down the runway recently, but who has the $750 to shell out for the five layers? Not us underemployed fashionistas, that’s for sure! After scouring the internet for a solid hour, trying to find the best quality, for the best price, with the closest looks to the original, I’ve found it. $10 on EBay gets you this delectable dupe that is the full 5 layers of gorgeous, dreamy tulle.
rock studNo Fashion blog could be complete without any notion towards the newly iconic Valentino Rock Stud Pump. While the dupe isn’t the pyramid studded patent leather perfect replica, GoJane still kills it with this soft velvetine version of the closet staple. For ornly $34.50 you too can look like you’re rocking the $1,000 pump! Get the knock-offs here, or oggle the OG’s here.hermes vsWhile the Hermes Rivet stud cuff is an edgy staple among bloggers and fashionstas alike, the beauty costs anywhere from $1000 to $2000. Now, for those of you who’s rent isn’t even half that, there’s still an option. I show you, the SheInside rivet cuff. Available in almost as many colors as it’s original Hermes, this statement piece will only cost you $8.16, available here. Now THAT is an affordable deal!

burb vsOne of the biggest hits for fall, in my opinion, was Burberry’s heart print blouse, available for both men and women. But really, who has the money to shell out $795 for this name brand? NOT US. Lucky for you ladies, SheInside has a chiffon version of the top for a mere $21.97, available here. Can we say “MUS HAVE”?!

prada vs
While Prada brand oversized baroque sunglasses cost $290, why not be budget-savvy and sun ray blocking with these $14 look-a-likes!? Get the 80sPurple version HERE! While they may be a cheaper plastic and not have a designer logo, most people of the general public can hardly tell the difference (I know; I’ve been told “love your Prada’s” numerous times and I just smile slyly to myself knowing they think I’m rich, not a broke bitch).
pearlsInspired by Rihanna and Lady GaGa? While our favorite lady singer’s wear $7,500 vintage Chanel pearl framed sunnies, we budget fashionistas don’t have that luxury. NastyGal, thankfully, comes to our rescue with their dupes for only $37. Now, this may not seem fathomably affordable,, there are $10 options available on Etsy, but none of them are up to par with the knock-off envy inducing aesthetic that these babies carry. And if the vintage Chanel’s are any indication, these shades will be in style for many years to come, so why not the mini-splurge for the best look!?
jcrew henWhile this $95 J.Crew hen sweater isn’t absurdly priced, we still can’t recent saving and duping. SheInside offers an 0h-so-similar version for only $33! Cozy, kitschy, and cute!
stellaaaIt’s sweater weather season alright! Cozy, cashmere (or not) and fun prints for added warmth and chic-ness are everywhere. Stella McCartney has this beaut on-trend plaid mohair sweater for $1,200, and we all know mohair is made of the clouds of Heaven and the pillows of Gods. Lucky for us budget-savvy folk, Choies created this knock-off made of a light weight knit and darker colors (but still same design and scheme) for merely $67. I actually kind of perefer the cut of the Choies one as well, as it’s more youthful and fun!
plvThis may be the best dupe of the week, aesthetically speaking. You can hardly spot the difference between these two pumps, unless you were staring at the price tags. The covetable metal toed Pour La Victoire pumps cost a pretty penny at $252, where as these Target knock offs are a just $29.99 (not including all the other things you walk out of Target with because that’s just what happens there).

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