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Monthly Musings Vol. 10

**Warning: Political Opinions Ahead**

The first month of the year is done; through; kaput. It’s been a trying one to say the least. While I started strong with my New Year’s Resolutions like many others the facts of the future of my nation quickly took a stronghold on everything going on in my life. Mid-January I spent a full day in the cold, surrounded by 500,000 + other people packed into the small space known as The National Mall. A day of peaceful protest as we prepared for the unknown. A few days later we were given a glimpse of what’s to come and it’s worse than we could have thought. Our brothers and sisters detained, unable to return to their homes and families. Rights of peoples of all walks of life are being threatened and questioned. Not one week after that man was brought to power did we force ourselves to get back out there with freshly made signs ready to let our voices be heard yet again. A narcissistic ego-maniac is getting hurt by proven facts and denying them. We’re on the brink of a Great Regression in human rights and society.

This January round-up will be a little different. In addition to the normal glitzy inspirations from around the World Wide Web I’d like to highlight some groups and organizations that are in need of donations to keep fighting the good fight, offering their services. Products that submit donations, humbling and heartbreaking stories revolving around the current state of affairs, and similar. I hope you’ll join me in supporting these businesses and organizations in the hopes for a brighter future.

  1. On January 21st WE MADE HISTORY. I am still getting very emotional looking back at how many people across the city, our country – even the world – stood together in solidarity. THREE MILLION PEOPLE. It was definitely the highlight of the month and such a great positive in an otherwise negative and heart breaking month.
  2. Have you seen those “We The People are greater than fear” posters? There are so many and they’re all amazing; I love that they showcase different kinds of women with the same message.; children, muslim women, Native American, latina… we’re all here, and we are all human.
  3. Create a safe and cozy space in your home with these tips from your favorite hotels.
  4. One non-political thing I’ve loved this month is all the street style from Berlin Fashion Week…I’m totally getting inspired to pick up some track suits and some vintage logo tees and pretend it’s 2001 again.
  5. Over 40 years ago America was in a similar situation, fighting for the rights of our people. These MLK quotes ring true then and even more so now.
  6. Don’t get us wrong, Z and I know we’re #blessed; living in a progressive city as white educated middle class citizens. Even still, we keep thinking of fleeing the States in the midst of this cultural regression and these cities top our list for opportunities.
  7. In a post-Trump world of “alternative facts” it is amazing to see people sticking to their guns, even if it means going rogue. National Parks and NASA (and more) are becoming the cool-rebel-nerds we’ve always known them to be.

Socially Responsible Wishlist Wears: (1) By shopping The Outrage you get a cool, modern shirt that waves your feminist flag and 15% of the proceeds go to Planned Parenthood in Donald’s name. My Favorites? The Future is Female and Nasty Women Unite tops, and their collection of pins are the perfect accoutrement to your denim jacket look. (2) Everlane (your fave go-to basics) has come out with the 100% Human collection in which a portion of the proceeds benefits the ACLU. (3) The safety pin has become a ubiquitous symbol of solidarity and support. Grab a tee shirt and choose where you’d like your money to go: Black Lives Matter, the DAPL, Scaramento LGBTQ Community… (3) Feminist Apparel is another that allows you to choose who you support. Their tops are cute and stylish and done by aspiring designers, so you also support budding girl bosses. (4) When Trump said government agencies couldn’t tweet about climate change/science/crowd sizes many went “rogue” and it was kind of the best thing ever. Grab a “Rogue NASA” tee here and 50% of the proceeds with go to Black Girl Code and FIRST. (5)Just a few more places to shop for benefiting wears right here.

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