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NYFW ReCap (Fall/Winter 13/14)

This is the second season in a row I’ve missed of NYFW; the firsts since I began going in 2008, in which I’ve done everything from modeling, volunteering, dressing, and various other behind the scenes jobs. How did this happen? It can’t happen again.

Thanks to modern technologies, Style.com and WWD I’ve been able to keep up with the shows as they happen which is great! I love all the street style blogs as well and between these media outlets and my friends’, it’s still as if I’m at Lincoln Center or MADE, all whilst in the warmth and comfort of my office desk.

Now, since I’ve been able to keep up I’ve garnered some decent opinions and reviews!  While I was sadly unimpressed by the simplicity of many collections, including Narciso Rodriguez, Proenza Schouler, and Alexander Wang (come on, guys, I was expecting a little more “oomph”; prints and fun silhouettes!), there were some collections that blew me away, as well as certain stand out pieces from collections.

**Click on the images to make them larger!**


First up, a long time favorite, Alice and Olivia. I covered the presentation a few years back and I’m always in love with the flirty femininity and cohesiveness of Stacey Bendet’s designs. This season was no exception; the perfect mix of edgy punk, equestrian, and holiday dressing for next seasons colder months. The tartan plaids show the comeback of 90s trends, while accents of lace and fur offer romanticism and cozy warmth, all together. My favorite look is the open back black lace gown, hubba hubbbaaaa.


Keeping with the 90s comeback trend, Rodarte’s collection had me nostalgic for the tie dye and acid wash summer camp apparel of my youth, but in more ‘fall’ hues and grown up styles. But really; acid wash denim printed silk? Tie dye printed nylon?!  I can get behind that. And the creeper-stilletto hybrid shoes: GET IN MY CLOSET. NOW. I’m serious.


Oscar. Oh, Oscar. Fun fact: despite my punky facade I have an addiction to ball gowns. I own about 5; I only went to one prom. This season’s collection from Oscar De La Renta was nothing short of breathtakingly spectacular. From the saturated hues to the detailed work, tonal gauzey gloves, and even the equestrian hats, it was LOVE. My favorite look is definitely the caped plum ensemble, little red riding hood goes goth, yea? Does this lines’ exceptionalaity have anything to do with the lent hand of John Galliano? Most likely.


Now, on the opposite side of the spectrum and back to my punk preferences, Jeremy Scott kept up his usual game. Also heavily 90s inspired, his sweaters are cheeky and graphic; one of each please!? I foresee Rihanna in some of these pieces, but her and I should both be leaving the head-to-toe lemon-lime fur at home, or maybe in the showroom.


More favorite looks from NYFW: Pearly irridescents at Nanette Lepore, fall hued mirror prints at Tracey Reese, gorgeous pattern play at J.crew, loud and proud ode to New York at Kate Spade (and who can resist the sweet prints, pun intended), and accentuated hips at Vera Wang.

Other notable points from NYFW? Both Betsey Johnson and Kenneth Cole sent their models down the runways on cell phones; oh the 21st century. There’s been an emerging trend both on the runways and on the red carpet of diamond cleavage; you know, what Kate Hudson and Katy Perry were recently seen in. Yea, that; subtle yet trending and with bazonkas like me, this is a trend I’ll definitely be trying. Plenty of tiered ruffled full length skirts counteracted full, shorter circle skirts. Color trends look to be tonal reds all around, deep muted blues, and plenty of black and white neutrals.

While that’s all for NEXT year’s cold wintry months, I’m ready to start looking forward to THIS spring! Stay tun ed for wishlists and outfit posts from yours truly ❤

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What Lovely Bones

McQueen, Spring 09

Bones, normally worn on the inside of your body to keep you from looking like jello, are now being seen on the outside of your clothes. It seems the late but great Alexander McQueen was the first to bring about this trend with his signature skull and cross bone scarves, this seemingly x-ray designs from Spring 09, and then most recently with “The Bone Collection” for his Fall/Winter 10/11 line. Other designers picking up on the trend include Rodarte, Jeremy Scott, Christian Lacroix, and DSquared.

Rodarte strategically layered and gathered the pieces of their line to look skeletal; With gathering and drapery, many of their dresses have the appearance of being ribs.

Jeremy Scott took quite a different approach for his Spring 10 line. Channeling Pebbles, Bam Bam, and our other favorite BedRock characters, Scott created a hit line. Complete with shoes embellished with faux bones, this line became a favorite for alternative styled celebs, including Audrey Kitching and Kelly Osborne.

Christian Lacroix made bone inspired jewelry to portray ribs (and lifesize too!)

(LtoR) Rodarte, Jeremy Scott, Christian Lacroix

My favorite take on this trend, though, has to be DSquared’s. This legendary brand took it to the next level with spine and bone inspired heels of all sorts. These Vertebrae Heels come in strappy sandals, peep toe pumps, ankle boots, laced boots, and thigh high boots. They’re going to come in black, white, and brown. I’ve seen some people who already have their pair somehow, but the collection isn’t available to the open public until August 2010 for the fall line. How much are these pretty babies? $1275 for the pumps, $1650 for the strappy sandals, and I can only imagine how much for the boots. Someone seriously needs to buy me a pair though! I would probably give up sex for a few months for those shoes…

Now, if you’re a poor student, like myself, and still want to get all boney up in herre, there are a few alternatives you can do. One, you can pull a DIY and cut up you’re own shirt, like I suggested a month ago. Get creative and strategic when attempting to make it look rib-like.

Another option is Hot Topic. They tend to carry rib and bones inspired jewelry and accessories at all times for fair prices ($20 and under, usually). Other places to try are Etsy for online shops, though some of those handmade accessories can get pricey. Or, go to Michael’s and start a project yourself! get creative and have fun with this trend! 😀