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Team Stop KONY

If you haven’t heard the recent happenings and postings about Joseph Kony, well, I just have one question…HAVE YOU BEEN LIVING UNDER A ROCK?

Back in the days when I’d frequent shows and music festivals I’d heard about the invisible children, that it was an organization set out to help the scared children of Uganda, to bring down the LRA and it’s leader. Every once in awhile I’d donate a dollar or something, but it’s time we do more.

Now, the founders and the rest of the Invisible Children Organization have grown and are doing something bigger. YOU Can help.

The first step?

Watch this video. just do it.

Now, did you watch it?

No? DO IT. If you did, great. I guarantee you’re moved.

Now, my sister and I have ordered an action kit. Talk about Kony on every public and social networking forum. Hashtag tweets…make him known.

Do your part. Let’s put Joseph Kony with Hitler, Bin Ladden, and Hussein.