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Let’s Talk About Life a Second

My life has had the worst month. Worse than last August through September? Yes. My life has been a downward spiral since last August, and I hate to complain, it’s just not fair at all.

So, if you follow me on InstaGram you know the gist of it. I was in the hospital after a minor breakdown a few weeks ago. Then, narrowly missed a horrible car accident the day I had court. The next day, the car was broken into, and the following day my cat scratched my eye and I spent another night at the hospital.

I thought my bad luck was over, the rule of three had run its course; but apparently not. Got intoanother car accident last night and totaled my car. I walked away just sore with a bruised sternum from the airbag, though my passengers and friends were a little more injured (and I’m mentally a mess with guilt). It’s a sign, I’m sure. of what, I don’t know. That I shouldn’t be in New England? Or that I shouldn’t be alive at all? Is this some sort of Karma trying to get me back for my adolescent rebellion? I wish I knew. I wish it would get better.

Anyway, I just wanted to explain that I know I seem happy and fine on my blog, but it’s been a grueling few weeks, and I’m truly trying to stick it out and not let it show to you readers. I’m trying to keep up with posting and whatnot, because it’s really calming and dare I say therapeutic to me, so I hope you guys keep enjoying my outfits! Thanks for being my followers and sticking by me ❤


With the help of all of the above (and the occasional Ativan anxiety suppressant) I’m beginning to heal…slowly but surely.