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Lessons on Blogging #3: Content Recycling


I read plenty of websites and blogs daily, especially Refinery29, sometimes opening up their homepage 2-3 times a day (mini-breaks are proven to make you work better). I’ve been following them for years, since college aged Sahra was wondering about the blogging world out there firs dipped her toes in. In all of this time of reading Refinery29 (and other news-worthy websites) I’ve learned something big; many of those “front page stories” are recycled content.

For some lifestyle bloggers that probably enrages you. You work so hard to constantly come up with consistent and new ideas for posts. And to learn that all those news sites with a different fresh post almost hourly is a falsity is probably blowing your mind. But that doesn’t mean it’s old, outdated information. They are still relevant works that are just resurfaced to continue their relevance and interest. This is especially key during holiday times (and I can’t wait to re-share some of my favorite gift guides soon!).

For example, last week’s “Blood Drip Nails Tutorial” I was sharing on social media? Originally posted in 2013. Why did I bring it back? It’s still relevant; every Halloween season people are looking for fun tutorials and there’s no reason you should hide such a post among your archives. While maybe you don’t want to completely dig out old posts to your landing page you can still share them. A big trend among bloggers on Twitter right now is sharing #FromTheArchives posts of relevant (and quality)topics.

What do you think of this Lesson on Blogging? Do you ever recycle your content in either of these ways?

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