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Providence Pride

This Saturday my little sister took me to my first Gay Pride Festival ever, and I must say it was quite fun. When scrounging for something to wear I tweeted something along the lines of “what says ‘I like to drink and have fun and support the LGBT community, but I won’t go down on you’?” and I think I succeeded pretty well! We lounged under some shade in between enjoying the booths, and snacked on delicious organic macaroni and cheese from the Rocket food truck! For dinner? Deep fried Twinkie’s, Oreo’s, and Reese’s. Holy heart attack.

Wet Seal bandeau

American Apparel dress

Free People hoodie

Michael Kors watch

spiked earring with cuff from HotTopic

dangle spike earring from Forever21

bandana from Michael’s Art’s & Craft’s

My sister, Briana, wore an amazing shirt from FCKH8.com

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Sister Weekend

Sorry for my lack of posts; I’ve had the winter blues, some personal issues (what else is new) and my sister came to visit! It was my sister, Briana’s, first time in NYC! I took her around to do the touristy things and have some fun, and I felt like sharing this part of my life!

We rode the Times Square Toys R Us Ferris Wheel!

Nutella ice cream Dessert from Ruby Foo’s (after dinner, of course)

Our matching tattoos!

Hanging out at a Valentine’s day party

At the Museum of Natural History

February Flurries ❤

Our bus ride back to New England.

❤ Hope you’ve enjoyed a peak inside my few days well spent with my little sister, whom I love!

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