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Recipe Monday: Mac n Cheese Spring Rolls

If you’ve been following me a while you may have noticed I have an obsession with one NY eatery in particular; more specifically one dish. The Mac N Cheese spring rolls at Cafeteria (17th and 7th if you’d like to go).

I’d been wanting to learn how to make spring rolls for quite a while, and I finally tried my hand at some of my own mac n cheese filled rolls.

Start with a pack of Mac n Cheese, some spring roll wraps from your local grocery store, and some oil.

Make the macaroni as you would normally. My cat maven was eager to help and get things started while the pasta cooked, as you can see.

When the macaroni is finished and cheesed, bring the spring roll squares, one at a time, filling with two tablespoons of macaroni and then folding similar to a burrito; or according to these guidelines:

Place them, one at a time, in a frying pan with plenty of oil. Use tongs to evenly cook/fry each side of the roll.

Let cool, and voila!

Now, trust me, they are NOWHERE near as good as Cafeteria’s. My dad suspects they use Gruyere cheese in the macaroni, and I was also lacking the smoked gouda dipping sauce. In any event, my family loved them, my brother ate about 5, so they can’t be all bad!

Next time, though, I’m trying different cheeses! I WILL perfect them!

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Recipe Monday: Kraft Pizza

So I really wanted to make macaroons. Been doing research for awhile, gathering ingredients (it’s quite hard to find almond flour at a suburban grocery store…they look at you like you’re speaking another language!).

So this Monday I finally garnered the courage to attempt these decadent cookies…but it turns out my cooking skills aren’t up to par to make a meringue just yet.

So I gave up and was craving pizza. With the Help of my dad we got a pizza dough and lightly baked it at 350 degrees while making creamy velveeta mac n cheese, using soymilk and velveeta chunks.

We scooped the mac n cheese onto the dough, along with bacon bits on half for the carnivores, and baked it for another 10-15 minutes at 350 degrees until the macaroni was golden brown on top.

Holy deliciousness, this pizza was DEVOURED by our family in 15 minutes. SO GOOD and for way cheaper than pizzerias!

Hope you enjoyed!

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