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Self Date Sunday: Jamberry Nail Wraps

Jamberry nail wraps in black and white graphic prints #beautyblogger

Y’all know I’m a sucker for a graphic mani. When I was approached to try out Jamberry’s stylish nail wraps I jumped at the opportunity. Armed with samples I played around with them with family and friends, and really fell in love with them. Jamberry is such an easy way to add a pop of nail art to your week with minimal effort!

Jamberry nail kit

While some people choose to get a full set of all one print, I’m a fan of spontaneity. Armed with a few multi packs I picked out some favorites, got some clean and fresh nails prepped (cleaned, buffed, etc), and began the process. It’s suggested that you warm the nail strip with a hair dryer, though I’ve found it works fine without, though sticks better with. Up2U! I adhered my black and white styles to my chosen fingers, holding it into place for 90 seconds to make sure it sticks, then clipping off the excess around the end of your nail. Continue on as many fingers as you like; I chose two per hand, and painted the rest black, keeping with the theme.

Voila. Less than two minutes (or 20 if you do a full set) to gorgeous graphic nails without a salon or painstaking hours of attempting to draw designs.

graphic black and white mani

Have you ever tried Jamberry or another brand of nail wraps? What do you think!? Be sure to order your set of Jamberry Nail Wraps here!

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The Anti-French Manicure

With my gold an glitter manicure fading, I decided to give a go at one of the top current nail trends; the half mood cuticles, the anti-French manicure as my friends noted it.

I started by removing the gold and glitter, cleaning my nails and applying a Revlon base coat.

Next, I decided to use a mauve, pale purple that’s super big this season for my nails. This color is from Forever 21, and the small bottle is just SO adorable!

After applying three coats and letting that properly dry, it was time to do the half moons! I got out my Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen and got to work. I had my friend who is staying with me help with the opposing hand so it wouldn’t get messed up and for a dude, he did pretty well.

Et Voila! My Anti-French manicure is complete! I love it and got so many compliments. Sadly, as a perfectionist I’m unhappy with the “cakey” and cracked look the nail art pen produced. I think I’ll have to be on the look out for a better brand of pen.