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Fall Pinks and Browns

It’s finally feeling somewhat like fall…somewhat being it’s mid-October and still comfortable outside in a tee shirt. Okay, it’s hardly fall at all. But each breath has that fall air. The leaves are FINALLY beginning to change their shades and fall to litter our sidewalks. Evenings require a light jacket or sweater. Pumpkins are filling the deli’s. It’s exciting. All I want to do is go on long walks, listening to Death Cab for Cutie and the crunching of leaves.

Top c/o Francesca’s Collection (buy it here !)

Scarf from an NYC Street Vendor

H&M jeans

Forever 21 boots

TopShop and Target bracelets

One of my favorite things about NYC is the street vendor scarves. $5 a pop gets you a pashmina-silk scarf that’s surprisingly warm and durable. OR you can get 5 for $20…I always get one for my friends and family as an extra add on to Christmas gifts!

Also, I know a lot of people are still complimenting my “anti-french” manicure, and I’m still loving it each day. Point in case, the faint purple shade was a perfect match to the tonal stripes of this top!

Fall Neutrals

One day while my friend Aleia was still visiting and we had nothing to do we went adventuring to Central Park. That place is a maze, and I can never remember where my favorite spots are until I happen to chance upon them and be like “oh, yea! this is the place with the waterfall!”. Besides rediscovering said waterfall and creek (pictures below), I found this adorably shrubbed, fenced walkway with gravel going right behind a baseball field. It was the perfect place to take photos that look like you’re somewhere MUCH more country. Sadly, the sun was setting all too brightly.

Old Navy boots

H&M Jeans

Top from Marshall’s

Forever 21 blazer

TopShop bracelet

It was a great day, perfect for walking in the park, but got chilly by 5pm so I headed home, but not before taking some more pictures of the scenery, and a few of my dear friend!