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Let’s Talk About Life a Second

My life has had the worst month. Worse than last August through September? Yes. My life has been a downward spiral since last August, and I hate to complain, it’s just not fair at all.

So, if you follow me on InstaGram you know the gist of it. I was in the hospital after a minor breakdown a few weeks ago. Then, narrowly missed a horrible car accident the day I had court. The next day, the car was broken into, and the following day my cat scratched my eye and I spent another night at the hospital.

I thought my bad luck was over, the rule of three had run its course; but apparently not. Got intoanother car accident last night and totaled my car. I walked away just sore with a bruised sternum from the airbag, though my passengers and friends were a little more injured (and I’m mentally a mess with guilt). It’s a sign, I’m sure. of what, I don’t know. That I shouldn’t be in New England? Or that I shouldn’t be alive at all? Is this some sort of Karma trying to get me back for my adolescent rebellion? I wish I knew. I wish it would get better.

Anyway, I just wanted to explain that I know I seem happy and fine on my blog, but it’s been a grueling few weeks, and I’m truly trying to stick it out and not let it show to you readers. I’m trying to keep up with posting and whatnot, because it’s really calming and dare I say therapeutic to me, so I hope you guys keep enjoying my outfits! Thanks for being my followers and sticking by me ❤


With the help of all of the above (and the occasional Ativan anxiety suppressant) I’m beginning to heal…slowly but surely.


It’s been a long two and a half months away from my New York City; a long tumultuous few months. But pending review from my primary doctor tomorrow, I should be back staring at the skyline from the Brooklyn coast the beginning of August! For now, a few visits and this tee shirt shall suffice.

Thrifted/DIY top

DIY Levi’s shorts

Jessica Simpson boots

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Getting a Little Personal

Well, Hello. It’s been, what, two weeks, Of not blogging?

So I’d just like to start off by asking, well, did you miss me? Also, I’m an upfront, open, and honest person, and I feel the need to write. This will be a non fashion post, but a little more personal, into the life of THIS fashion blogger.


Like many blogger’s I’ve had to deal with “haters”, and with everything that was going on in my personal life and being told by someone very close to me that I have a not so desirable taste in fashion and why should my opinion be trusted (even though he said he was joking), I decided I needed a break. I wasn’t going to come back for longer, but I miss it. I miss blogging, and I feel like it was such a big part of me. When I started my new job and was told in orientation to describe myself, I didn’t know what to say besides “my life is fashion”; I was no longer a blogger, I’m no longer a student, I was no longer in the buying world…that new position was my only connection to the fashion world which struck a cord with me.

But, I’ve started making some changes to my life and hopefully will be able to blog more (if you guys want me to).

If you didn’t know, my ex boyfriend had been living with me…that was NOT FUN you guys. If ever an ex shows up on your doorstep, please remember they’re an ex for a reason, and don’t let them in like I did. Thankfully (I mean, I love him but we’re not meant to be), he’s now gone and I feel like I can breathe in my own home again.

Other news, I got a job, working the ever-so-exclusive GaGa’s Workshop at the prestigious Barneys NY. It’s exciting, as not only do they allow my shaved head and pierced nose, but encourage it. They also encourage being creative with our loose uniform requirements. If you happen to be in NYC and don’t mind waiting in line, I definitely suggest coming in to visit me at work and seeing the great set up and shop!

On the other spectrum of news, I’m going through some familial difficulties. That I can’t even write out without crying, but chances are I’ll be wearing black on Thanksgiving and spending some time in the very cold state of Maine next week…



Though 2011 has been a tumultuous year for me, I’m still here. My blog is still (semi) active, and I have reasons to give thanks this week.

I’m thankful for this blog, and the outlet it’s given me, the sense of purpose, and all you amazing readers. I’m thankful for the opportunities this blog has given me, and the great experiences I’ve had this year through it and the NYC Fashion Bloggers Meet Up Group.

I’m thankful for the amazing position I had at Rue La La and all that it taught me.

I’m thankful for the great position, as temporary as it is, that I’m currently in.

I’m thankful for the good times with my ex, and having survived the bad ones.

I’m thankful for my family; I know so many people are estranged or just plain don’t have family. and I’m SO SO thankful that I have the support of my parents, and knowing that if all else fails they will welcome me back into their home with open arms. I’m thankful for my family’s health (with the exception of my grandfather 😥 ).

I’m thankful for my amazing roommate and friend, Eliza, for being there in my times of most need and supporting me and being the shoulder to cry on. And to her family, for being understanding and sympathetic of the situations I find myself in.

I’m thankful for the roof over my head, and for still being in the greatest city in the world, that I feel so blessed to call home.

I’m thankful for the decisions I’ve made this year for my personal life, though tough, they have been for the better.


And though I know this has been THE WORST year of my life, I know that I still reasons to be happy and give thanks, which I think is a true show of character (or maybe hubris).

Now, I’d like to end this with…if you are religious at all, PLEASE say a prayer for my Grandfather. Or send good vibes. It means a lot to me, and though the outlook is bleak, I really need him to pull through tomorrow.

What are YOU thankful for this week?