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I Want to Hear All The Screams That You Keep Beneath

I want the words that you whisper when I’m asleep
Wanna give back the things that I’d never take
And I know you don’t care

“#PlaidTop + #boyfriendjeans + #LifeStride #loafers = @QueSeraSahra’s quintessential #fallstyle!http://t.co/Q8Ng33Txzr”

Top c/o Cooper and Ella (get it here!)
Map necklace c/o 3JaneNY
Levi’s Curve ID Denim
LifeStride flats

Fall Uniform

I’ve legitimately already worn this outfit three times. Begging my roommate to take photos of it and he always refused, so I’d wear it again. Why not? It’s cute, comfortable, warm…It’s my perfect fall uniform! So, in lieu of football being on ALL day, I was able to strike a deal in exchange of photos for the television rights.

Say What? tunic sweater

DIY skirt I made in High School

H&M Jacket

Target Over The Knee knit socks

Aldo boots (old)

R&Em gifted bag

I made this skirt, and a matching vest, straight out of high school. I have never attended a private school but I sometimes ponder how things would have played out differently if I had. Would it have hindered my sartorial experimentation, or would it have challenged me and forced me to hone in on proper accessorizing?

In present times, though, my only problem is that I’m not currently in school. I miss education, learning, and challenging myself with projects and my high aspirations for good grades. Who knows, hopefully I can go back to school someday but for now I’ll keep wearing my burgundy plaid skirt and working my dream in the fashion industry.

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Falling into Fall

I’m never a fan of the colder months, and though it’s still September and there are still some nights I don’t need a jacket, I’m fully prepared for what is to come.

For a few years now I’d been wanting a perfect cape; this one is from Forever 21. Not too long, big enough to wear things underneath, and a perfect neutral gray to go with everything. I’m sure you’ll be seeing me in this a lot in the coming months, until it’s time to break out the down jackets, at least.

So, here’s a few quick images of my basic fall outfit to come, along with the help of Lacy, my friend’s min-pin who I adore, and who loves all of my shoes a bit too much. Don’t mind the off-center septum ring and big hair.