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Qi New York

With fall approaching I’m getting giddy for cashmere. Thanks to Refinery29 and Qi Cashmere, I won an amazing sweater, which I finally received in the mail today! Along with it came their stunning Holiday/Resort 2011 Lookbook.

To the right you’ll notice my new sweater! I’d take a picture of it on, but it’s a sweltering 95 degrees today and even in my house cashmere would just be much too much. However, I’m already planning plenty of cute outfits for the fall and winter…I’m thinking cream leggings or maybe light gray!

To the bottom are some scans of the lookbook. First off, the model is gorgeous; love redheads.

I’m loving the hope sweater (they also have it in gray/pink!) and all these sweaters are making me so stoked for fall!