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Life’s a Gamble

This look is the first I’m sharing with you from my photoshoot with New England photographer, Dark Side Images. This look was put together in my head, slightly better, for weeks, and when the day came to finally don it it was raining, but this dice black and red umbrella fit perfectly with the look!

Justice tank

H&M pants

suspenders from Newbury Comics

shoes from Rainbow

H&M jacket

I was somewhat inspired bythe concept of casinos. Also, my parents love going to Foxwoods and other nearby casinos. Me? I tried my hand at gambling in Atlantic City on New Years but haven’t made it back to a casino since.

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Rain Queen

Due to the current state of the weather I only found it fitting to write about rain boots today. Lets start off by saying a pair of durable yet stylish rain boots is a must-have.

My number one favorite brand of rain boots is Hunter. This UK based brand produces Wellington Boots that come in an array of colors and are made of heavy weight, durable rubber. The coolest thing about them though, you can buy “fleece wellie socks” which are a fleece liner to put in your boots to stay extra warm! AKA they double as snow boots. As for price, the boots are a fair $115 a pair, and last for years. The socks are $30. Now, where you can find these perfect rain boots? I’ve seen them in Bloomingdale’s and Orva Shoes as well as a number of other shoe boutiques.


Ricky’s NYC is another place for choice rain gear. They carry the normal style of rain boots in an array of trendy prints, as well as Converse and Doc Marten inspired Wellie’s. They’re price points are significantly less at $54.99 but you’re slacking on the comfort and durability. If you happen to live outside NYC or far from any Ricky’s, you can find their products online at http://www.rickysnyc.com !

Lastly, if all else fails and you need a cheap pair of rain boots, I suggest Target or Marshall’s. Target has rain boots on sale in the rainy seasons for about $30 a pop. The designs are mediocre; this season includes a pink Burberry-esque plaid, pink polka dot, black and multi color polka dot and black and white houndstooth. These boots will be lucky if they last you until the fall, as I’ve found the insoles to come unattached and move around inside the boot and sometimes the boots to leak due to “normal wear and tear”. Marshall’s has similar stats to Target, but sometimes you can find a sweet deal on the clearance rack (I once found a pair of cute rain boots there for $7!).

So go grab yourself a pair of rain boots that fit your style and budget and splash around in the puddles! You only live ONCE!