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Work of Art

You can make a fantasy a reality
Because you’re creating your own masterpiece
Rent The Runway Georgetown
Art and fashion go hand in hand, whether it’s art influencing fashion a la Yves Saint Laurent’s Mondrian collection or fashion inspiring art like Bob Mackie, or even the collision of the two parallels as seen in Alexander McQueen’s Spring ’99 presentation. When my friend Beth asked me to join her at Rent The Runway’s latest field guide on Art Collecting I was ecstatic. Z and I love art in our home and consider ourselves pretty artistically knowledgable. It was a wonderful evening of wine, cupcakes, and art in what can only be described as an artful interior. Gorgeous, well merchandised dresses line ornate walls like the above blue marbled and the below brick with galleried mirrors.

Rent The Runway Georgetown
The knowledgeable and worldly Peggy Sparks of Artists Proof Gallery in Georgetown led the way through our field notes lesson explaining why we should invest in art, how we should invest in art, and a little bit of some art history. Personally, I learned that I shouldn’t make executive art decisions because it matches something else or just because I want art; any piece I invest in should be one I’ve had an unequivocal connection with. Much of my art and prints in my home are just “pretty”; the animal prints in my living room fit the theme and my personality, while the dainty prints in my office inspire me. The next time I make a large original art purchase, though, I’ll be sure to choose a piece that I would mourn if I lost it.
Another great lesson was to purchase art smartly. Many places sell reproductions or prints and price them as originals, yet they don’t carry the same worth. I know for me I enjoy running my fingers along grooves of thick paint as an added feature to original art that you don’t get in a reproduction. My favorite things to have learned were the websites to check for emerging artists and artist research. Exhibition A and ArtSpan are some worth checking out!
Rent The Runway GeorgetownNow, for the fun part; what I wore. For this event I decided to go trendy. A short but structured dress over classic trousers and heels felt very “Chelsea Art Gallery Consultant” to me, even if I’m just a DC girl with an interest in free wine and pretty things.

Do you have any originally art works in your home? What’s your favorite way to buy art?

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