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Melting Pot

It’s been a busy week. I just started my new job and was thrown into putting together a brand new store from the ground up, fighting with my parentals and making time to see my boyfriend. It’s been hectic but I’m finally getting around to purging everything off of my camera.

These pictures were taken last Monday when my friend’s whisked me away to this restaurant in Providence called The Melting Pot. It was an amazing place with four course meals all based on fondue, with the exception of the salad courses.If you’re wondering about my outfit (this is a fashion blog, after all) both my top and skirt were from Forever 21. I was wearing a diamond necklace given to me by an ex bought from Linden Jewelers. My blue bracelet was made by myself 🙂

The adorable couple known as Aleia and James.

It was so delicious. The appetizer meal was three Wisconsin cheeses mixed fndue with veggies (SO fresh, might I add!) and bread. Then the salads, then the main meal consisting of veggies and vegetable dumplings for me and meat for the carnivores, all in a Caribbean garlic flavored broth. Lastly, dessert. Me and Aleia had Turtle flavored chocolate fondue, while James favored Oreo S’mores chocolate fondue. Each came with a plate of fruit, cheesecake, brownies, and rice krispies treats! I’m quite sure I gained a good 10 lbs, but it was so good I did not even care.