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Forever 21 Times Square

My look for the Opening: Forever 21 dress, necklaces from TopShop and H&M

I was fortunate enough to be put on the guest list this past Thursday for the Forever 21 Grand Opening pre-party in Times Square. The night before the store opened to the public, a select few hundred people, including myself and my plus one, my good friend Rachel, were admitted into the three floored building. Red Carpet and champagne upon first walking in, with plenty of mingling and networking to be done!

At about 9pm there was a fashion show displayed. The models, in 4 characterized look sets, came down the elevator and onto a catwalk. The first set was very Manhattan Chic, with the models dressed in all black, studs, and spikes. Definitely my favorite look set.

The second was quite the opposite, in a new romantic style. The most interesting part of this set was the floral headpieces, reminiscent of what many more high end designers do for their runway shows.

image from DayLife.com

image from Picapp.com

Next up was my second favorite set, Geek Chic. The models were adorable and quirky, and definitely brought some attitude and fun to the catwalk. their hairstyles were tons of fun as well; tight off-sided buns, a trend I’m thinking of trying out once I’m back in school classes!

Hippie chic was the next set, as the models walked the runway barefoot and with feathers in their hair. Many of these outfits were not my favorites, as the faux fur vests were a little not my style.

The last set was full of vibrant, urban looks. Each of the female models wore a bright blue wig, and every model carried a taxi topper (the little things with the lights that tell you if it’s off duty or out of service). I particularly fell in love with a long sleeve sequined dress from this collection, but the look isn’t on the website or in stores yet.

image from Life.com

After the fashion show my friend and I mingled, saying hello to some friends whilst making new ones and doing some networking. The band The Virgins played an hour long set and before I knew it the night was over.

Gift bags were given out as the party dwindled, complete with two exclusive tanks, an umbrella, nail polishes, an exclusive lookbook, and a gift card.

Now, onto the store aesthetics. The new Forever 21 Flagship is a three floor, glittery and glam perfection. Every floor is white walled and glittery off white floors.  The ground level has tall ceilings and an almost vintage style to the walls. The middle floors were closed for the night, but they seemed pretty Forever 21 standard. The bottom floor seemed to be the defining floor, though, with an NYC spray painted taxi cab and blue wigged mannequins. Also, the bottom floor has the FIRST EVER Forever 21 shoe salon, which when I first noticed looked like heaven.

Images from Nitrolicious.com

To sum up, the 91,257 square feet megastore is bigger, better, and bolder than any other Forever 21. If you have the chance to go, GO. They seem to carry more exclusive styles, sizes, and colors than I have seen in any of the other stores, including their old flagship location. For more pictures taken by ME, check out my open to the public album on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=225736&id=585588744&saved

Rent The Accesories!

Remember Rent The Runway? The first post I ever did, and now, as of just today, they have begun to carry/rent high end jewelry.

screen shot from RentTheRunway.com

You can rent bracelets, earrings, and necklaces from a number of high end brands including Badgley Mishka Jewelry and Rachel Leigh.  Similarly to the dresses, you can narrow your search down by designer, style, color and occasion. Prices on these pieces are more than you’d pay for a bargain piece at Forever 21 or H&M, but are a fraction (usually about 1/10th) the retail price for these namesake pieces. Prices for the jewelry start at a rental fee of $10 and go as high as $150 (for Janis Savitt Swarovski encrusted sterling silver necklaces). Personally, I love the “edgy” section under style; beautiful classy yet edgy-refined jewelry for the edgy fashionista right there!

Also new to our favorite site, same day delivery for NYC residents! So go on the site, sign up if you haven’t already, and start looking fab for cheap!


(L to R) Audrey Kitching, Raquel Reed, Jeffree Star, Lady GaGa

Colored hair has made its rise from the streets to the runways of the hottest fashion designers. Ten years ago a person with green hair was heavily frowned upon and probably the one getting tattooed and sharing heroine needles, or so would be presumed.

Three years ago, Juicy Couture featured old ladies donning pink, purple, blue, and yellow hair for their spring ad for their signature fragrance, alongside a heavily tattooed (and SUPER hot, might I add) male model. Last spring, TeenVogue showcased girls with hot pink and teal streaks in their hair. Teenage “role models” and “scene superstars” Raquel Reed and Audrey Kitching are well known for their Teal and Pink hair, respectively and even have helped these girls land modeling jobs with more alternative couture companies. Even Lady Gaga was seen with bright yellow hair in her Telephone video.

This season, bold locks are on more high fashion runways and models than ever before, and I can tell this trend isn’t slowing downsoon!

Now, why should you try out this trend? #1, you’re young. you’re allowed to experiment and have fun. Also, its just about summer. If you’re not working in an office or high end place where you need to be 100% presentable then try it out! You don’t have to go and bleach and dye, but there are semi permanent and wash out alternatives as well!

Credit to Greg Easton Photography

I personally dyed my hair about 4 different crazy colors within the past year, as well as receiving tons of advice from how to get that perfect color permanently or to wash out.
If you want to go for a permanent, my trusting hair Guru friend Celsa suggests a specialist. They will know where to get that perfect dye and how long to leave it on for, as well as how to guide you into the proper care for your newly colored tresses. Celsa also says that Pravana Chroma Silk is the best and most trusted among professionals and comes in a large array of favorable shades and colors. Sadly, this lust worthy dye is only purchase able by pros. For more about this and other permanent dyes, check out Celsa’s blog at www.projectjayneriot.tumblr.com

Now, semi permanent is more my forte. If you have dark hair, be sure to bleach it first. Trust me on this one, bleach is your friend. You’ll need developer, the bleach powder, and a non metal bowl and mixing spoon. Supposedly you’re not supposed to apply it to your scalp, but I’ve never suffered from it. After you’ve bleached your hair to a pale blonde or white if you’re lucky with healthy hair, you’re ready to add color! I prefer to use Manic Panic or Raw, found at Hot Topic or Sally’s Beauty supply. Teal is really pretty, as is purple. Be careful with red, as it fades quickly to a pink so you should stock up if you want to keep it radiantly red.

if you’re not into bleaching and ruining your hair, there are still alternatives.

image from PhotoBucket.com

Sally’s Beauty supply, as well as Wal Mart I hear, has hair mascara. They are wands of color to apply to your hair for a streak affect. Much better looking than gross spray in hair color we all used to use for Halloween and spirit day!

For those of you who fear ruining and adding products to your hair, Sally’s and Hot Topic both carry colored clip in extensions. I’ve used them, but you have to make sure they are hidden and are clipped in securely.

Mess with Mesh

images from shop.americanapparel.com

This may be about a year late, but another trend I see being brought back to life is the semi-mesh dress. I first saw these dresses at American Apparel in a slew of great colors from neutral to neon.

Then, on a trip to Screaming Mimi’s (notoriously fabulous vintage store on Lafayette St. in NYC) I found at least 4 semi-meshed dresses from the 80’s. Ah, LOVE.

Roulette Dress, image from: nastygal.com

The designer is Roulette, and their vintage dresses are popping up all over Ebay and other vintage/thrift boutiques.

Moving on, if you’re a Gossip Girl lover like me you may have noticed Serena’s semi-sheer and lace get up on this weeks episode. The Design? Stella McCartney circa Fall 2009. Still, its gorgeous and seemingly timeless, and Blake Lively has been seen wearing similar dresses from the designer’s line in the same mesh-y style.

Bebe and Guess Spring/Summer 2010

This past season, Rodarte had a lot of semi sheer and sheer over layer pieces in their collection, as did BCBG and Bebe.

All these designers have amazing designs, but the true reinventer of the mesh look was Alexander Wang. His iconic intricately designed mesh dress has been seen on some of the top fashionista’s including Rihanna, Amber Rose, Megan Fox, and many more of the fashion elite.

Alexander Wang Spring 09

Many designers have tried to do their own versions of this dress since then, including House of Holland and Luella, but nobody can recreate something so impeccably perfect. 

 Now, why do I love this trend? You can show some skin while staying classy and warm! its perfect for a brisk spring night when you can’t decide over long sleeves or short.