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In My Home: The Accent Wall

_MG_6450Hello friends and followers! Today’s post is a bit different, as I’ll be featuring my home!
Having moved around a lot in my adult years (this is my 15th spot in 6 years), I never decorated too much, though I’ve always had an eye and dream for interior decorating. Now that I’m in what appears to be a long term living situation, I figured it was time to decorate, and create a cozy and inspiring space.
My beau and I found Urban Walls on InstaGram, and immediately knew the triangle decals would be a great addition to our animal-meets-structural shapes living room! When Urban Walls reached out to do a collaboration, I knew it was meant to be. In addition to these cool triangles, Urban Walls offers on-trend giant polka dots (in TWENTY FOUR colors), perfect quoteables, and every kitschy or cute shape you can think of!

Maven clearly decided to do his part in helping as I prepared to set up our accent wall…20131108-105417.jpg
I especially love these decals as they were so easy I was able to set them up one afternoon completely on my own; Easy as cut, stick, and peel! Bing, Bang, Boom and two hours later I had myself a wall that attracted the eye and accented the other elements of the room._MG_6302I have OCD, I admit, but more recently I’ve been trying to live by the “a home should be collected not decorated” mentality, which is also an exceptional mentality to have when cohabitating! Our home is a lovely mix of old and new, modern and vintage, art…The wall decals are a perfect addition to tie it all together! Color plays a big role in the theme of our living room, primarily a bold red hue, which makes quite a pop against the black-on-white decals._MG_6323_MG_6315

Banana Republic top
Iro Paris blazer from TARI
Baker’s heels
Necklace c/o Satya Jewlery

_MG_6387  _MG_6449I love our coffee table; a mix of culture and things we both love including fashion, poetry, a marble chess set, and an array of scented candles for whatever mood we may be in. Everything is set up with a gallery wall of animal themed images, and the couch plays  around with DIY pillows of shapely animals from Ikea fabric._MG_640720131108-105348.jpgWhat do you think of our home? How would YOU decorate an accent wall to tie it in to your own home?

Be sure to check out Urban Walls and let the inspiration flow!  Seriously, their InstaGram is a hub of interior design inspo for ANY Style or person!

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