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Designer Spotlight: Sheena Trivedi

Que Sera Sahra interviews Designer Sheena Trivedi in her NYC studio
With the brand tagline “traditional inspiration and modern interpretation” it’s clear that the Sheena Trivedi brand is a unique fusion of her Indian heritage and NYC lifestyle. Her apparel, fused with bold colors, hand embroidered fabrics, and the softest leathers, combine her love of The City and her Western background. With a recently launched jewelry collection as well, the collection comes together with spikes and edge. Below, find my interview where I delve into her inspirations and goals for her brand!
NYC designer Sheena Trivedi
NYC designer Sheena Trivedi
NYC designer Sheena Trivedi
NYC designer Sheena Trivedi
Who is Sheena Trivedi and how did the brand begin?
I was previously a buyer for Saks and a personal shopper and stylist. 2 years ago, in September 2012, ST began as a way to fuse my Indian decent with my own style.
What is your design philosophy?
“Don’t follow a trend, be a trend”. Also, the aesthetic philosophy of “less is more” to embrace subtly bold styles that aren’t in your face.
Where do you find your inspiration?
Everywhere. With twice yearly trips to India, I’m inspired by the Bollywood culture, food, and music. I have dresses in my collections inspired by sari’s but without the lengthy fabric to make for easier wearing. I like using brocade too. I’m also inspired by my mother, an accessory designer.
Who do you envision in your wears? Who is yoQue Sera Sahra in Sheena Trivediur ideal customer?
Women and men who take risks and think outside of the box. Jet setters from all over the world who go from day to night. Versatile styled people.
What are your goals for Sheena Trivedi? One year, five years, eventually?
My goal has always been to open my own store, in NYc, New Delhi, and hopefully Paris. It would carry my own line as well as emerging designers. I want to be an international brand but NYC based.
What is your biggest accomplishment so far?
To be working on my fifth collection right now. So many brands don’t last long or make it far. Also, being sold in many states, as well as being worn by Miss Universe, Miss USA, Miss Teen USA, and congresswomen.
You have apparel and jewelry, any plans to expand further?
Yes! I eventually want to do it all; mens, womens, shoes…
What are your favorite pieces from the recent collections?
For spring and summer I love the color blocked linen jackets. For Fall/Winter I was loving skulls and had some subtly embroidered into the dresses. I also love the feathered tops, all hand made.
Where can people find/follow/buy Sheena Trivedi?
Online, at Sheena Trivedi.com. We’re sold in a handful of stores nationwide (The Webster (Miami), Jeffrey (Atlanta and New York), Engle Shop (Englewood, NJ), and Maxfield (Los Angeles)). Twitter. Facebook. Instagram.
NYC designer Sheena Trivedi

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Springtime Flowers!

As we all know springtime means the influx of florals in our wardobes. Yesterday I had the great pleasure of going to one of the oldest fabric floral centers in New York City. M&S Shmalberg Custom Fabric Flowers has been an in house design and production company for over 100 years, surprisingly owned and operated by men. They make flowers of every kind of fabric you can imagine; chiffon, leather, cotton, lace…you name it, they will make it.

Their mini factory on 36th street does everything, and the process is truly quie fascinating. Beginning with yards of drapable fabric, they then starch the pieces, before cutting each into a flat floral shape with petals. Then, using heat presses and molds, they mold the starched fabric to give it dimension. Next, 3-4 pieces that had been molded together are slightly seperated and spun, creating a flower!

Now, you may have not heard their name, but you’ve definitely seen their flowers. As the largest custom flower distributers in America they do the designs you see on all your favorite brands. From Coach to J. crew and Banana Republic, but also including custom designers, headbands, and wedding dresses.

The company is currently run by a father and son, Warren and Adam, and they are some totally sweet guys. Warren gave me a flower and some fabric that I’m already planning a great dress for (I’ll sew it one of those weekends I’m free…) and were just so sweet. Their website is of simplest forms, but the son, Adam, is trying to tech the business up, as seen on their Facebook page here: http://www.facebook.com/?sk=h#!/fabricflowers

Mainly, This post is a gush about how great this company is. They’re name isn’t a common household name, but they’re flowers definitely are and they are indubitably under appreciated. If you’re planning a party, wedding, or anything else you may need fabric flowers for PLEASE think of them. I can’t gush enough. I also can’t wait to head back to them with some project ideas of my own! ❤