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I Think I Like You But It’s Complicated

I want it all to remind me of the first time
Willing to fall into forever if I think it feels right


date night for the edgy gal

Leather, spikes, studs. Edgy style personifies me so when new DC boutique Rosies and Rockers approached me to work with them I knew we’d be a perfect match. Reminiscent of my adolescent days of growing up trying to shop in Hot Topic (and my mother forcing me to return my purchases the following day), but with a glamorous feel of sexy body hugging and diamond accents, I chose pieces that reflected my versatile style. Perfect for a hot date night out, all this dress needs is the right accessories and some vampy lipstick.

Dress c/o Rosies and Rockers (get it here!)
Spiked necklace c/o Rosies and Rockers
Saefty Pin necklace from Nissa Jewelry
Vintage/Thrifted bag via Saver’s

Been there, done that
this tortured heart is not for wasting

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New In: Freedom at TopShop

I know I went out shopping for others for this holiday season, but when I found this wristwear/hair tie all in one at TopShop it was screaming my name so loud I couldn’t say no!





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DIY Inspirations

I’ve always been a crafty creative person. I used to make plenty of clothes and accessories in high school and shortly after, for example this dress:

Sadly, with my demanding schedule and social life I rarely find time to sit and have some one-on-one with my sewing machine. The most recent thing I’ve managed to whip up is this slouchy clutch.


However, I do have an entire folder on my laptop of ideas and plans brewing for things to be made! I figured I’d share my inspirations with you (after being inspired by this post by Fashion Infusion).

I’ve already started on a fringe-sleeve top and have recently made some purchases from the trimmings stores on 38th street. My sewing machine is finally getting some much deserved love and I can’t wait to go to my parents’ home for a few days where I have a HUGE stash of scrap fabric!

Stay tuned for some great DIY’s, my loyal readers ! ❤

**Disclaimer** I do not own the rights to these images. Most were found on Tumblr, but if I remembered where they were from they have a click through to the source.

Girl Crush: Alice Point

Again, with another Polish girl, man these girls have style! Alice Point is a blogger and now a collaborative designer, from Poland. Her style? Totally rock n’ roll meets backstage runway. And I’m so happy to have found her. There’s not much else to say, though, so here’s a few images from her blog :

She kind of makes me want to party and get drunk and be fearless…Total lust. She seems to consistently rock some of my favorite brands like Wild Fox Couture and Blackmilk, mixed in with alternates.

MTV Movie Awards: Heavy Metal

I personally pride myself on not having cable in my apartment. Sadly, last night I was dying not being able to watch the MTV Movie Awards strictly for the style. Thank god for Twitter and Tumblr, though, for keeping me up to date.

One trend I noticed not going away just yet is heavy metals. Contrary to my textiles professor, metalic fashions are as hot as ever and look like they’ll continue to be. Here are some images of my favorite metal adorned looks from the awards show:

Emma Watson in Marchesa

Kristen Stewart in D&G

Lil Mama in Sherri Hill

Leighton Meester in Balmain

Nicki Minaj in an eclectic mix of Tom Tom, Atelier Versace, Pinko, and more

Mila Kunis in Balmain

Oh, how I love Balmain…someday, you guys, someday there will be some serious Balmain in my closet. And I personally love Lil Mama’s look with the black accents and contrasting white hair, despite everyone hating saying she’s just copying Nicki Minaj. Style is style and she’s doing what she can to stay on top of it, in my opinion!

**All images found on Tumblr.

Girl Crush: Leopard Z.

No, I do not speak or read any form of Chinese or any other Asian Dialect. I do however, have a lust for my newfound style crush, Leopard Z. With her coy and soft features she is stunning. Slap on some leather and studs and I’ve got myself a lady boner. She makes overalls look good, and Ozzy Osborne sunglasses. And, I just needed to share.

Seriously SO in love with her style, and I’m proud to now be following her for updated inspirations. If you like her too, check out her image laden posts on her blog here, and if you know Chinese, give it a read and maybe tell me where she gets her clothes??!

Tell me about it, STUD

Latest lust: spiked and studded jewelry. Specifically bracelets, cuffs, and necklaces.

Gasoline Glamour Eye Patch and Cuff as seen in Zink Magazine

This love affair was sparked almost a year ago when Zink Magazine featured some Gasoline Glamour pieces in their June issue. Ah, the silver spikes on black was enough to make my inner punk swoon. The eye patch is so creative and the cuffs are a great size. They’re whole line is fantastic, but sadly, these metal spokes will cost you; Prices run about $60 for more basic things like a cuff or eye patch, but can go up to $2,000 for beaut’s like the “Slaughter Cuff”  in the photo.
Now, maybe it’s just me, but since this editorial I’ve seen a huge rise in the punkishly ordained jewelry. Eddie Borgo has a more feminine, high end style to spiked jewelry. He incorporates pretty gems and semi precious jewels with silver spikes. To Die For. You can find his work at TWO locations in America; Capitol in North Carolina and Bergdorf’s in NYC. As you would guess, pretty jewels cost a pretty price; these puppies go for about $1500 for a necklace and from $500 to $1000 for a bracelet.

Now, lets talk cheap alternatives. Here’s my collection:

The top is a leather studded bracelet from Bloomingdale’s that retails for $30. The second is a plastic spiked cuff from TopShop, also $30. The studded bangle was $20 at Filene’s. All these stores have a small but notable selection of spiked and studded wrist wear. Sadly, I haven’t seen any studs or spikes around any of my favorite bargain stores like Forever 21 and H&M, but I did however find some on the street! The street vendors have the cutest ones I’ve seen and charge you $10, but they can always be bartered with.

Studs in Soho (on Broadway)

And, as always, hot topic and Claire’s carry plastic and rubber versions for all those young teenagers looking to look hardcore.

Throw these with a leather jacket and a black mini and you’re good to roam the LES in style 😉