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The First Taste of Spring

March 8th and we had our first real taste of spring. With the temperature at 67 degrees I was able to ditch my over-worn denim for a skirt and tank top; finally!

I spent the day enjoying some alone time driving WITHOUT music; I rarely do that and I got so lost in thought I’d even forget that there was no noise, just me and my thoughts !Had a lovely meeting at a tattoo shop, then hung out with a friend, getting drunk of Butterscotch Pinnacle before bars and eventually, into dreamland and sleep.

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BlackAndYellow (and white)

It’s sunny, for the first time in DAYS. It’s Spring.

I recently reclaimed my yellow pants from my parents’ home last weekend and have been itching to wear them, and yesterday just felt like the right day at last. With the sun shining, sunglasses on, and a comfortable, relaxed “it’s finally Thursday” air it was the perfect ensemble.

Rue 21 Jeans

Hanes tee

H&M Jacket

TopShop bracelet

H&M necklace

R&Em bag c/o Rebecca Minkoff

Calvin Klein flats

Springtime Flowers!

As we all know springtime means the influx of florals in our wardobes. Yesterday I had the great pleasure of going to one of the oldest fabric floral centers in New York City. M&S Shmalberg Custom Fabric Flowers has been an in house design and production company for over 100 years, surprisingly owned and operated by men. They make flowers of every kind of fabric you can imagine; chiffon, leather, cotton, lace…you name it, they will make it.

Their mini factory on 36th street does everything, and the process is truly quie fascinating. Beginning with yards of drapable fabric, they then starch the pieces, before cutting each into a flat floral shape with petals. Then, using heat presses and molds, they mold the starched fabric to give it dimension. Next, 3-4 pieces that had been molded together are slightly seperated and spun, creating a flower!

Now, you may have not heard their name, but you’ve definitely seen their flowers. As the largest custom flower distributers in America they do the designs you see on all your favorite brands. From Coach to J. crew and Banana Republic, but also including custom designers, headbands, and wedding dresses.

The company is currently run by a father and son, Warren and Adam, and they are some totally sweet guys. Warren gave me a flower and some fabric that I’m already planning a great dress for (I’ll sew it one of those weekends I’m free…) and were just so sweet. Their website is of simplest forms, but the son, Adam, is trying to tech the business up, as seen on their Facebook page here: http://www.facebook.com/?sk=h#!/fabricflowers

Mainly, This post is a gush about how great this company is. They’re name isn’t a common household name, but they’re flowers definitely are and they are indubitably under appreciated. If you’re planning a party, wedding, or anything else you may need fabric flowers for PLEASE think of them. I can’t gush enough. I also can’t wait to head back to them with some project ideas of my own! ❤

Flowers in Bloom

images from LookBook.nu

Every spring it’s the same thing; florals and flowers being reinvented and worn by everyone. This year, though, I’m actually wearing flowers too.

Woah, what? Yea, you’re favorite tattooed and pierced quasi-fashionista is wearing FLOWERS. My mommy would be so proud. These pretty dresses and skirts have been gracing the runways and pale spring bodies for years, probably since the emergence of the 1960’s “Flower Power” movement. I don’t think a spring has gone by without floral dresses and this year is little different. One big thing I’ve seen, as aforementioned, is floral tights and leggings.

I used to done a simple black skirt or short and a dark colored tank or tee. Since opening my mind to other style s of dress I’ve learned how to make anything my own. So, this yea I’m giving this syle staple a try and punking it out! My looks:

This is one trend you can afford to be a cheapskate on. Every store and their mother is carrying florals, from TopShop to Target. Er go, there’s no shortage of finds. My first two looks feature a Target skirt for $10 and a Target dress for $20. The third picture is an adorably comfortable dress from American Eagle for $40. Forever 21 has a vast collection of floral wear from lounge-y to casual to semi-formal.  These prices are general Forever prices, from $12.50-$24.80. TopShop carries a few that allow you to cross-trend, including a caged-back floral mini that clings to your body for a seemingly slimming effect for a wonderful $49. H&M may be slightly lacking in the dress and skirt area, but they carry floral pants ($30), tights ($15), and cardigans ($20).

If you feel like blowing some cash and splurging, Thakoon has a B-E-A-Utiful floral dress for $1,638 available at your local Bergdorf’s or Neiman’s.

image from NeimanMarcus.com

I could go on and on about florals, really, but I won’t…only because my spring break is about to start as soon as I get off this bus! But go shopping, find some cheap flowers, and go enjoy the sunshine we’ve been blessed with!