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Boy Meets Girl Presentation

So, I digress, I was out of NYC from Friday-Sunday. Yes, during NYFW.¬† Why? My cousin got married in the mountains of Pennsylvania where I didn’t even have cell phone coverage to check up on the live tweets from all my friends at Lincoln Center.

But, as soon as I landed back in NYC it was GO GO GO. I had an hour to get ready for drinks and dinner, starting at the Bowery Hotel (where I spotted a handsome man…only to notice he’s taken by an adorably casually dressed Emma Roberts) and then dinner at my favorite Giovanni’s Venti Cinque. Dinner was cut short, though, as I rushed down to Avenue for the Boy Meets Girl by Stacey Igel presentation.

I’ve been going to the Boy Meets Girl shows for three seasons now, and have always had a blast. After making it past the outside crowds and proving I was on the list, I walk into a crowded, star studded event. Angela Simmons, Omarion, The Veronicas, NBA players I don’t know the name of…Obviously, as I previously stated I’m not easily swayed by “stardom” so I go about my life as is, seeing what’s left of the collection (I arrived unfashionably late) and mingling. If anyone is familiar with the brand, which you should be, it’s mostly known for the adorable vintage silhouette love-inspired tee shirts and hoodies, so I’ve always viewed these presentations as a fun, relaxing get away from the normal seriousness of NYFW. The event was sponsored by Monster Energy drinks (which I downed a zero calorie 12oz, as was needed), Stoli Vodka having drinks and raspberry-chocolate macaroons (my stomach still doing flips thinking about them) and Neuro Beverages, which I’ve recently become a major fan of.

I managed to run into Monroe, and we took a random photo of our shoes, just as the party was dwindling and the club began to shut down. Monroe wore her Jeffrey Campbells, my stillettos were from Wild Pair by Bakers. Obviously, I have the feet of a bound Asian.

Stay tuned for Stevie Boi shades, Devon Thomas, and more NYFW coverage!