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I Left My Heart At Home

How am I supposed to be everything they expect me to be
When I feel so alone ’cause I left my heart at home
IMG_7816IMG_7820 IMG_7827

Misfits tee from HotTopic
Narciso Rodriguez for Kohl’s pants
Aldo wedges
Silver bracelet by Freedom for TopShop
Pyramid stud bracelet by BCBGeneration

Back to my punk roots with this look! I love my versatility with my style; one day I can flip my hair and nose ring to wear more conservative styles, then there’s days like this where I punk it all out and let the septum ring fly and rock out to my pop-punk tunes. I love my tattoos, and I love that I can be two different people for different occasions. Anyone else out there like me? Aesthetic two-faces, with multiple styles?

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It’s True I Crave You

Loving this look I put together for a generic Saturday. Can I just gloat about how fabulous my a$$ looks? BA-donk. Sorry, I’m white and relish every chance I get to feel like I have some junk in the trunk.

Anyway, I’m wearing a new piece of jewelry in my collection! If you haven’t caught on by now, I have a lust for all things aquatic, and this sea horse bracelet is perfect. Eclectic Eccentricity sent it over the Atlantic to me! I love the antiqued gold aesthetic; so rusticly chic. Also, the website offers the bracelet in 3 sizes which means mine is daintily small and perfectly fits my wrist, which is hard to come by in my life thanks to my toddler sized wrists.

DIY Misfits shirt from Hot Topic

Forever21 skirt

NYCLA wedges

H&M ring

Bracelet gifted by Eclectic Eccentricity (buy it here!)

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Misfit Fashionista

Normally I don’t condone band tees. I have a strict rule against them, personally, as I feel they label you. I could really go off on a tangent here, but I’ll refrain.

The classic iconic punk band, The Misfits, though, are well, classic. A Misfits Skull tee is a fantastic fashion staple for any guy or gal trying to stand out and fit in with the fashionably punk. Not only is the skull a staple of hardcore, but wearing this shirt and actually knowing the band and their music makes you that much cooler than the rest of our aesthetically focused generation.

I’ve seen many people wear this iconic tee a number of ways. Everybody with style seems to do something creative and unique to their shirt.

Me? I ripped the back of mine, show off some skin in a classy way. I’ve seen them studded, ripped, bedazzled; everything. The important thing is to make it your own.

as for how to wear em? Black and white go with everything; you can dress it up or dress it down. Throw some pearls if you’re girly, some stilettos and leggings, or rock em with boyfriend jeans! Throw it on with whatever you want!

images from Lookbook.nu

The beauty? This shirt is AT MOST $15 at your local Hot Topic. If you’re looking for a way to rock this iconic skull on another fashion level, Vans offers adorable Misfit slip ons, and Hot Topic always has Misfits accessories; sweatbands, necklaces, and much more! Draven also just released some special edition Misfits shoes.

Please, though, before you start rocking this tee, look up the band and listen to the music.