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Flea MarketĀ Finds

As I previously stated, I went to a flea market the other day with a friends grandfather and found some amazing things! Let’s start off with some images of the jewelry found:

And ofcourse, the vintage Vogue I found. It’s dated January 15, 1945. It’s amazing. Enough said.

How great are these outfits? I like the uniformity look and the gloves, ah. Can we bring back classy gloves??

This article just cracked me up…it was about how to get thin, lean legs. and how did you get “thin lean legs” in the 1940’s? “It is important to lie head down, on a board, which is at an angle of 40 degrees, for at least half an hour each day” WHAT?

haha. Figured I’d share. Enjoy! Hopefully I can email this woman and get some more vintage issues!